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  1. I know someone who has several of them in her shop. Her dad collected a lot of industrial machinery and Blacksmith gear.
  2. Fire and Iron.

    I saw the same commercial Frosty. It looks like an Appalachian family that has a member(s) that is/does blacksmith. That's my guess anyway, and if that's gets this family some money in the bank then good on em. It will be interesting, could be a bunch of hype, or it could be outstanding. Never know. Either way it is generating a lot of interest and sending a lot of people out to our guild meetings inquiring about becoming members. Like you I will watch a few and see what happens. I am with you on Forged in Fire as well. i am learning a lot of what not to do. Its amazing the number of people that come on there and have been bladesmithing for ?? years but they can't seem to get the quench right. It shows that people are smithing, which is a good thing, but focusing on one particular niche that they have perfected and specializing in that one thing. Outside of that they are in unfamiliar territory. Admittidily they are all probably better smiths than I as I am a lay person for sure but striving to learn. Good for them for having the guts to go on national tv and compete.
  3. Can anyone in the Rock Hill SC or Charlotte NC area tell me of a good mechanic or trustworthy place to get an oil change? Thanks, Scott
  4. Thanks Glenn for keeping our page open!!! As sometimes happens life gets in the way. Anyhooo. Attached is another newsletter brought to you from the Tidewater Blacksmiths Guild. Enjoy!!!! TBG Newsletter Summer 2015.pdf
  5. To my knowledge the Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild is alive and well. Try this link to their face book page https://www.facebook.com/cvblacksmith The Tidewater Blacksmiths Guild will be at the Pork Pine and Peanut festival next week. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tidewater-Blacksmiths-Guild/144863002233333
  6. Cats in shop

    Just an FYI but we had a cat that got a piece of metal in its intestine. Most likely I tracked it in the house and it picked it up in its paw, licked its paw and swallowed it. When I say metal I mean a very small sliver bigger than a filing but smaller than I thought would cause a problem, very tiny but stood out like a like light bulb in the x-ray. The cat died from it, not sure if it was due to it not wanting/being able to eat due to irritation or an infection.... but it basically starved itself to death. We tried feeding her by hand for a few days and the vet tried to give it a laxative to try and move it along but it was lodged in the intestine wall. They wanted 2K to do surgery and remove it. Very sad way to go...my wife and daughters were devastated. Now I am EXTRA careful to sweep or capture filings, shavings, etc and not wear my boots/shoes in the house from the garage. I would advise you to do the same.
  7. Greetings from the Cape

    Wow welcome aboard!!!!
  8. Hope you enjoy!!!!! TBG Newsletter September October 2014.pdf
  9. Enjoy!!! TBG Newsletter July August 2014A.pdf
  10. TBG May/June 2014 Newsletter

    Thats cool. Mine is a 67 GMC 3/4 ton. L6 250 3 on the column. Very basic no power anything. Post up or send me a pic of yours Id like to see it. It has a 4/56 gear which I am going to change out.
  11. TBG May/June 2014 Newsletter

    I made an error in the earlier version of the May June 2014 newsletter. The hammer class referenced on the cover is September 10, and 11 not eh 20th. Attached is an updated version with a few additional artistic changes. Thanks TBG Newsletter May-June 2014 reduced.pdf
  12. Attached is the Tidewater Blacksmith's Guild May/June 2014 newsletter. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks, Scott TBG Newsletter May-June reduced 2014.pdf
  13. Well not the best way, but whats cool about this is this is the first real load I had on my GMC since purchasing it and getting it on the road. Prior to moving we pushed the anvils as close to the front the bed as possible. I would think he would have forged a prop to go under the cart where the anvil sits. Can imagine hed be getting much work done per hammer blow with that cart flopping around under the anvil like that. I have a 8' trailer envisioned in the near future. However this little gem in the second pic is the mac daddy of blacksmith operations.
  14. That is really cool!!!! Your carpentry skills are top notch. I have to ask but what is and why is it called a sheep wagon? It obviously looks like a camper but not sure id take iton the road. I bet it gets toasty with a fire going too. Sorry never forged a latch like you need but looking forward to see what ideas you get. Again nice woodworking skills thanks for sharing.