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    Farming in western Colorado Have made a living as Lifttruck mechanic, weldor fabricator.
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  1. LarryM

    BP0676 Press

    The upper anvil can be taken out flipped over. This let's you use it as a press brake for bending.
  2. I use a lot of deep heat ontiments. Most of the time I try to ignore the pain and keep working. One thing I can tell you never stop working. The more idle you become the worse it gets. Larry
  3. Dave, If the taller pipe dosn't cure the draw, try bring the smoke shelf further forward closer to the door. as long as the shelf, opening is the same area as the pipe. This will help keep smoke from entering the room. BTW nice looking stove! Larry
  4. Butterfield, Welcome to IFI. I'm also from Colorado. I live on the western slope near Grand Junction. I'm also interested in woodturning. I've made almost all of my woodturning tools. I've friended David on facebook he is truely an awesome smith. Larry
  5. Do yourself a favor and build a smoke shelf. With entance to the shelf above to door toward the front. When you open the door it tends to draw smoke and flames much like a side draft chimmey. So that the smoke, and flames don't enter the room. Just my two cents Larry
  6. This is a picture that I found online years ago. I can't tell you where but it looks pretty easy to build. The thing I like about it, is the replaceable blades. If anyone knows who's picture this is please chime in.
  7. Let's just say there will be no shortage of beer and bait money from that day forward. :D
  8. I share my wisdom everyday with the young guys at work. I look at it this way when I'm gone they'll be share the same wisdom with others. Larry P.S. If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day. Teach that same man how to fish he will eat for a lifetime. Teach a child to fish, and he will feed a world.
  9. I'd put a filter in the up stream side of the solenoid valve. Propane can be dirty, a flake of something may have held the valve off it's seat. Which cause it not to seal. Just my two cents Larry
  10. I like the wedge lock system. Do you ever have a problem with it working loose? Another question do you use the same fixture for spring tooling?
  11. Fciron, You are right both Hossfeld, and DiArco have websites. They have downloads of there catologs which you can use to learn to use these benders. Larry
  12. LarryM

    Homemade Press?

    Here's the one I built. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZIBjzCfGu8
  13. LarryM

    Show me your Lathe

    These are the two I run at work. The Lehman has a 9" hollow spindle, And the Poreba has a 12" hollow spindle. We build,and repair drill pipe used in the oil field,and mining.
  14. Here are some picture of my bender attached to the side of my hydrualic press. The last three are of dies that I've made. As you can see they don't have to be anything fancy most of mine are just throw togethers. The football shaped ones can be used as feed along dies to make rings.
  15. This bender is an easy build with a drill press, and welder. I built one of these a few years ago. It works very well. Besides the pipe dies, I use dies that I made by bending strap iron to the right diameter. If you need a heavy duty unit, it can be scale up. If you are interested I'll post pictures of mine. Old Metal Bender.pdf
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