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ABANA conference 2024

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My wife and I were planning to attend this year (first time), and I was looking at the registration and they don't list the cost for members.  An ABANA membership costs $90/year, so I'm trying to see if it's worth it to join to get the member discount for the conference.  Does anyone know the member price for the conference?


Any other comments or advice regarding attending the conference would be appreciated.  The only other event we've attended has been SOFA's Quadstate, which we've enjoyed, although it took us several years to realize that if we wanted to actually buy anything, we needed to show up 3 days before the event officially starts or it would all be picked over and gone...

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I have gone to several ABANA conferences..   

The last few I have been a demonstrator/teacher. 

The conferences at the Gas light park are close together..  each person/demonstrator is in pretty tight areas..  This is great because you don't have to walk 5 miles between demos. 

The conference has a list of demos so if you want to catch a particular demo it's possible several times usually depending on the demo. 

I'll be doing "Hinges"..  Strap, H and butterfly and in-depth look.   This will have all the steps needed to make amazing hinge barrels with fit and finish. 

Over the years I have a much higher value and appreciation for education involving smithing. 

Just taught a 4 day class on forge welding which they made blacksmith basket twist handled pokers, chain and  treble herb hook.. 

Best to reach out to abana.. 

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