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Do you have facial hair?  

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  1. 1. Do you have facial hair?

    • Yes, Beard and Mustache, short and trimmed
    • Yes, Beard and Mustache full and bushy
    • Yes, Beard or gotee only
    • Yes, Mustache only
    • I let it grow during certain times of the year
    • No
    • No, Not yet
    • No, I'M A GIRL!

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Mustache and long gotee, and for winter/hunting season I let the rest of my facial hair fill in.
I have had long hair most of my life and have cut it twice, right now I have short hair but have been contiplating letting it grow again.


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When I met my wife I had a gotee and long mustache which I would wax and twirl.

She disliked the mustache wax and my bare face so I have a full beard and mustache.
For special events she will braid my beard....like Quad-State....

In the 24 years we have been married the only time I have been clean shaven was during job hunts and not even that for the last one 4 years ago.

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I regularly keep a 1/4 to 1/2 inch goatee. I like the grey in it. As I take most of the pictures around here, I'm not in very many.

This is more or less how I keep the facials (this pic is about a year or so old).

This is how I look smooth (this is about 2 1/2 years old)

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Well at the moment it is 18 to 11 and 2 sometimes. Facial hair seems to be winning at the moment.

Personally I find shaving to be an immense waste of time!!! I trim my mustache frequently but my beard gets a trim only about 4 times a year. I have a personal goal of having a beard that the mall santa's will be envious of by the time mine turns white. I do keep my hair short. My wife likes my beard and my daughter cry's every time I trim it and she is 12... I don't think my kids even remember me without a beard and if they do it is only from my military photo's...

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I generally let it grow in winter. Then by the time spring comes around I'm tired of filter feeding so it goes away (straight razor, I think trimming is more trouble than shaving). Sometime in the fall I get tired of the chore of shaving and it grows again.

One problem with the facial fur is that as a woodworker also, it gets in the way of respirators and I don't have the money for a powered unit.


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I do a seasonal ritual: stop shaving at the start of winter, the shave it off come spring. The wife hates the beard, but I hate shaving, esp. after years in the airforce where it was compulsory, so I find it a real relief.
The whole respirator thing is a worry though, not just wood dust at work.


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Well for the past 30 yrs i've had some form of hair growin' on my face .

Done the ZZ Top look ( i used to be able to sit on my hair & tuck my beard into my belt ) but of late it's a " wild man " mustache & the hair's past coller length at back just to remind me of my younger days ... :)

Missus told me to keep it , say's i look too young ( she's a cradle snatcher ) without it .

Dale Russell

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I too have a beard, well an overgrown(between one and two fists) goutie and moustache.

Have any of you guys with the long beards had the same experience as me, that is, have randon people come up to you and complement you on the beard, or tell a story about how they tried to grow one long and it didn't work, or their significant other won't let them? I have also had people cheer me on, as if I were entering the last few yards of a tough race. "Hey, good job, keep it up!". What? all I am doing is, well not doing something.

I never new how serious people took beards until I grew one, hear a lot of stories about how some ones grandfather was a beard grower too. Remind you of something?

Something that I heard which may be of interest, is that the reason for the decline in popularity of beards and such was a fear of tuberculosis in the late 1800's to early 1900's. It was akin to the anti bacteria movement going on now, with the soaps and such. The media and activist groups declared that all men should shave their beards or via kissing their children and wives they would make every one ill and kill them! WOW!


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I got out of the Navy in September of '68 and have had a full set of facial hair since except when I had sinus surgery and the doc insisted that I shave. I didn't take it all the way down but left extra long stubble which he complained about but I was not going to shave close for him nor anybody else after the Navy. So that is some forty or so years without paying for shaving gear or time in front of mirror cutting off what God gave a man. Long beards are supposed to be a fire/burn hazard around open flame but I haven't had any major trouble so far with all of my casting, forging and welding. I did singe it once while tending a camp fire and the wind came up.:o That was fun.:D I had worse trim jobs from the barber before I got married and the wife started doing the trimming.;)

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I'm 51 and couldn't grow a beard if my life depended on it.

I've got just enough to have to shave daily, but very thin and patchy. A 16 year old kid could probably sprout more than me!

Keep the hair really short too . . . when I look at old pics of me when I tried to grow it long . . . oh, so, so pathetic!

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Same here Chris. LOL. But I just use my dad's shaver to keep my face clean....I don't like the corny highschool mustache/beard look unless you can actually grow one. just my opinion.

man i keep every start of a wisker i can get LOL one of these days I may /hopefully will have a stache LOL:D
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