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  1. Rockford, Illinois is the place where I lived recently. You're right, Chris, I'm not a member of this community, I'm just concerned about it enough to try and point out an obvious lack of proactive measures regarding the display and distribution of information pertinent to said community. Glenn, two questions, 1: Why don't you already have the CDC information post you replied to me here posted on every section here with blacksmith specific issues, like how to insure the bottle opener made for your neighbor won't potentially get them sick? 2: I'm done, this place is exhausting, almost
  2. Frosty, thanks, but my concern for the future of my account here is way less than my concern for people's lives. I'm staggered by the dismissive nature with which this pandemic is being treated by so many people that are in positions to help protect those in their community. But, maybe that's because I recently lived in a building, that during the Spanish Flu, had dozens of corpses stacked in it like cordwood. And that my dad is nearing 80 and on chemo, a combination of which is not remotely unique in this world. Less people in his position would be killed by this, if m
  3. Data: People who are carrying the virus, but not yet showing symptoms have a higher viral load than people who are showing symptoms. The range of incubation time is between 2 days and over 11 days, some reports indicate up to 15 days. Scenario: An order for wall hooks is made, and it's to be shipped to the customer. What must the blacksmith do to ensure that, if they are infected and not yet showing symptoms, they are not passing on the virus to the customer, and thus people in contact with said customer, when they handle and package the finished work? That's just one scenario where
  4. Where is the "READ THIS FIRST" thread stuck? Is it where "adults will scroll down to see"? This is a dangerously ignorant statement. What of forged objects sold to others? That you're an administrator here, who can't take direct criticism without responding spitefully about an issue of such critical worldwide importance is highly disturbing.
  5. I see, yes, it's been moved to the "everything else" section. I'd never noticed the previous thread on the coronavirus here before, because it's a tucked away little corner of this site. Speaking of being direct, it seems more logical to me to have an official sticky in the heaviest traffic area with blacksmith specific information, such as how to avoid enabling the spread of this pandemic and irresponsible to put such a potentially vital discussion in a much lower traffic area. To be clear, I'm not talking about the thread I started, but official blacksmith oriented covid information in
  6. Not sure where to put this, but since many people here will be handling steel handled by other people, or passing their work on, this seems relevant. The link contains some good information but turns political toward the end of the article. For that reason it has been removed. And a link to the non-peer reviewed study referenced. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.09.20033217v2 Click on the "download PDF" to view it in full. There hasn't yet been time for people to duplicate testing, so this test only gives an idea of how long COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 survi
  7. Frosty, thanks, "From Completely Different Perspectives" is my middle name, or at least it should be. Yes, saying the same thing, but from completely different directions, the problem solving equivalent of the pincer movement.
  8. Yeah, friends Frosty, no worries. I'm autistic, that's my brain issue. Which for me means that I'm naturally communicating at either a 2% or 98% depth, both of which, in their own ways, can be extraordinarily problematic. Which requires constant vigilance from me to put that into a more moderate range that's socially acceptable. I'm glad both of you guys survived your traumas! As I think we all know a bit too well, in our own different ways, that sometimes, life can be death. What I was referencing via the video link, was that of the principles of resonation and the production of sou
  9. I've read all of it, yes, that was over a decade ago though. It has been a long time since I've been active in a forge, so trying to help people with what I do, or used to, know, is a bit difficult. When I've read back over most everything I've posted here the past few weeks, I have become frustrated, because the conversion of my latent knowledge to words is getting all jumbled and it's all coming across as nonsense. Due to intense elaboration being required in some parts. Such as lighting the anthracite coal, the description I gave was what I did when I used it and it worked well for me,
  10. This is especially important, here, and in general too. Such as, the video link I posted to doesn't pertain directly to resonation in a blacksmiths forge, but generally to the scientific principles of standing wave generation in tubes that are transferring combustible gasses to a flame holder. It'll give a deeper understanding of the principles involved, but won't directly help one with burner noise in a forge. One extraordinary resource on burner design is Ron Reil's website. Which has both general and incredibly specific information and plans for forges and burners. https://ronreil
  11. Anthracite must get very, very hot to combust, it's nearly pure carbon. And it needs a constant supply of air to stay lit. On your next try, sprinkle little bits of your anthracite in with your initial wood fire, before it's lit. Then, as you build the wood fire up more, continue to sprinkle in the anthracite. The coal should then be catching fire along with the wood, and when you have a bed of mixed coals of anthracite and wood going, continue to sprinkle on new anthracite until you have a full fire going.
  12. It's much related to what's described in the video I'll link to here. Except the standing wave in the tube, is a natural one. The solution, is to interfere with the standing wave, to interrupt it.
  13. That sounds like a perfect progression to me!
  14. That's a good video, thank you for sharing it. My version of that for beginners, is to remove the handle, then anneel it by heating it and letting it cool in ashes. Then do the shaping in a significantly more intimate manner with files. That quiet and slow process, where one is staring at their work in the vice, helps one get to know the metal better and helps avoid massive mistakes being made in an instant with an angle grinder. It's also safer. Then, when done, harden it, which is good practice for the beginner and temper it by forging a thick rod to fit the handle hole, cleaning u
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