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  1. Dragons lair

    Anvil identity question

    Large and spaced far apart numbers. Sounds more like stone weight to me?
  2. Weight would be missing 1 digit? My smaller HB is clearly stamped 88 and weight is right on.
  3. Dragons lair

    Anvil i.d. anyone ??

    Farrier anvil would have 2 pritchel holes and a clip horn. Ken
  4. Dragons lair

    Anvil i.d. anyone ??

    208 lbs, Made 1920. The whole top is solid tool steel from the waist up. Should have 3 numbers other side (top near the hardy hole) I have its kid brother 142lbs Ken
  5. Dragons lair

    Hay Budden Number ID

    1918 as per AIA
  6. 170 on the left says Trenton. Weight on a budden is on the side below the logo.
  7. Dragons lair

    Hay-Budden Anvil

    Looking at the horn end serial # will be on the left foot.
  8. Dragons lair

    Anvil restoration- 15CrMn FAIL =/

    Just a note here. This is one reason I fled the Braderton/Sarasota area over 20 yrs ago. Been chasing the arc for near 50 yrs smithing for less. Son when ya stop learning ya be daid. No elders are not protestants we have just been there and done that befor you were born. Did ya read it right then do it right? Or did ya just DO IT MY WAY?
  9. Dragons lair

    Methods of welding Aluminum together

    One thing I have noticed here. Too many opinions and advice with NO statement of history. If a haven't made a living at aluminum welding please shut up. I have been doing it for longer than some of you have been alive. Have gas welded it. Stick Mig and Tig. HI freaq or not. Argon or not. AC or not. Wife went from soldering stain glass to mig and tig in one session. My Miller can do from .5 to 460 amps(beercan to 1 inch solid) PM for advice. IFI has always had the basic rules of No cussin, No fussin and treat each other with respect. While I can relates to the frustration off clueless guesses not being helpful, telling people to shut up is pushing your luck on the treat with respect clause.
  10. Dragons lair

    Methods of welding Aluminum together

    Just a few notes from a 40 yr aluminum welder. AC and high freq is NOT required nor is ARGON. Can be stick welded and DC mig using reverse polarity. Any inert gas will do. Helium is great for more heat at the same amps. Prefer my old 330 ABP Miller tig /stick welder(from los alamos lab) Ken
  11. Dragons lair

    Welder Extension Cord

    From my hobart 180 manual. 14AWG up to 50ft 12AWG up to 200ft Ref: 1999 NEC. That said I prefer 10AWG for my small welders and 8 for the big ones. Ken.
  12. Dragons lair

    130# Fisher, should I pass?

    Not a collector. He is a antique dealer. most of his stuff comes from his dad's shop in penn. Was selling at the local flea market.I just don't remember seeing the Fisher. Ken.
  13. Dragons lair

    Beginners first anvil

    Great find, 1911 would be the last model HB made. No top plate solid tool steel from the waist up. MY favorite is my 143 lber solid top. Ken.
  14. Dragons lair

    Henry Wright Anvil?

    First time ya run into that flat tip You will know about pointed horns. Best thing is add your location (one or more of us might be right around the corner) Clean up the face only if ya know what your doing. Ken.
  15. Dragons lair

    Anvil face

    Just a note if your gonna edge weld 2 pieces then edge weld them to an anvil forget it. The face needs to be forge welded or 100% welded to the base. Some one on here did one by spacing the plate up 3/8 then welded in the space for total weld. Any welding should be done by a good welder with anvil knowledge. Been doing it 40+yrs and will only do my own Ken.