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I Forge Iron

My Attempt at repousse

Rojo Pedro

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Looks great for a first Pedro. It's lots of fun. If you get a pitch bowl keep an eye out for a small inner tube to make  the bowl holder. The "right" way is with a leather shot ring and filling it with lead shot is way stable but you can fill a small inner tube with rice or beans and have a decent holder that will hold the bowl at the angle you need to work from comfortably.

I did a little repousse on a cookie tin lid, it's deep draw steel and pretty malleable. I only tore through a couple small places, I didn't anneal soon enough.

Fun way to spend an evening.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hi Nodoubt

I have a bit. I havent had lot of time lately. 

I did this mostly from the back on this wonderful sand bag my son in law made me. EEFB90CE-A593-407C-9855-8C8ECE1AD61C.thumb.jpeg.a26ff7303d5ff6335f2df36bbddd93ce.jpeg

I also bought a couple pounds of pitch but only got a few whacks in on one of the raised shell lines and one leg before it popped off.


It was a fun experiment and I need to find the time to continue. Thanks for asking

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I spent the last couple days camping and I brought a bag of tools and made these guys


I call them My Cheesy Moon and Sun Burn. 

was super fun to do and I learned a lot.   Heres my set up. 

I tried to flame color the moon but the smoke kind of varnished it and I think its really cool looking finish. May try some steel wool to bring up some high lights. 

I really like how the sun turned out. My  wife says his eyes bore into her sol. 

so easy and fun that every ine should try it  thanks for looking


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You're getting good at repousse Pedro. Cheesy moon is a perfect name. The sun looks like a judge to me. 

In all the years I spent sitting around a camp fire forging things it never occurred to me that repousse would be more relaxing and as much fun. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Mr. R. Pedro,

Wonderful work.

Think big,

Those artistic creations should be sold in art galleries, with a commensurate hefty price.

Especially if they were somewhat larger.

Just another thought from the, 


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Thanks for the kind words fellows. 

Mr.  Slag,  do you really think so? I just kind of considered it messing around. 

i said to my self that I would like to try a life size face and know my head is spinning a bit thinking about the possibilities.....hmmmm

Mr. Nodoubt, yes I drew it on with a sharpie first. The moon morphed a bit from the drawing like the butt chin my son recommended. I wish I had taken a picture of the suns drawing because it came out much closer to the drawing and what i had in mind


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Mr. R. Pedro,

Yes I know so.

the SLAG says.

Give it a shot.

Talk to someone knowledgeable in the art scene to get advice before you take it around to art galleries. (perhaps a professor at a local art school).

You do not want to be taken advantage of.


A larger size will transform you artwork from novelty to very serious art.

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Anytime, here is a progress picture with the tools I used most. 

after getting the general shape dialed, I used the medium lining chisel, 2nd from left, and the little curved chisel  for 90% of the detail work. 

I found that I need to refine and polish my tools a bit as you can see the tooling marks

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Altoid and cookie tins are good to practice on and they're WAY cheaper than copper sheet. Brass is a LOT harder, it work hardens abruptly so you tend to get a LOT more breaks and punch throughs. I did the one below on a cookie tin lid, quite a while ago. It was relaxing, happy hand work. Very meditative. This was my first try, I didn't refine it more, there were too many cracks. The other couple were catastrophic failures.

Frosty The Lucky.


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