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Prayer Request

Randy Griffin

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  • 8 months later...

Well folks, here we are 8 months after my surgery and I'm still not having any fun. Doc said it was long recovery but dang. I have checked in a few times just to see how everyone is doing but haven't had any time in the shop. Not sure how much longer. Got another surgery next month to get the staples out of my new bladder. Seems I'm forming bladder stones and they're attaching to the staples. Still having lots of problems and can't hold out to do much. Standing is out. I hope to modify my shop so in the future, when I can hold up a little better, I can sit and forge.

I got a lot of catching up to do. But I got the time. Keep saying those prayers. They really help.

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STONES!:o I'll give you a double prayer for that issue. Makes me wish I lived close enough to run over with my staple puller! Don't worry I'd wash it good. :) 

You were SUPPOSED to get well soon. Remember? Can't we trust you to do anything you're told?

I hope a little levity puts a smile on your mug. I'm saying a few words to higher as I type and again a little later.

Once again. GET WELL SOON! <stern look>

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks Frosty. Yeah, I know, get well soon. I didnt realize how bad it could be when they start cutting on your innards.

The stones are bladder stones and don't hurt. The worst is they can cause infection or, as in my case, stop you up. No fun catheterizing ones self.

Thanks again for the smile. :)

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Uh HUH, I'm SURE being stopped up wouldn't hurt, nope not one little bit!:rolleyes: I'll need to drink a bottle of yeasty home brew so you can pull the other finger on that one.

Need anymore than, "No fun catheterizing ones self." be said to cover that one? hmmmm?

I don't want any of my exhaust system blocked, even temporarily! Then again you aren't making staples sound too good. Maybe I can spec dissolving sutures? No wait, I wouldn't want them to dissolve early either, that could be B A D. I don't want to carry a bag either. Super glue? That might work, if it comes up I'll have to ask. 

Happily I'm cut innards virginal and want to keep it that way. Good thing I like fiber and drink plenty of fluids. I believe in hedging my bets, especially where pain and even worse, hospital . . . "food":( is concerned. 

Frosty The Lucky.


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