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Coronavirus 2020


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I got on our state's Department of Health list; but a friend told us to contact our local purveyor directly; we did and instead of being on some list somewhere; they told us to come in in a week for the first of the double tap---then called us a day earlier than our appointment and said they had 2 doses  from a cancellation and could we come in *NOW*!

Second one is March 3 and I'll be thinking about teaching a intro to smithing class after March 24th! (And not worrying so much about having to go into work when called to fix issues.)

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Steve, glad to hear you are picking up some work. I have a few friends who work in the casinos, convention, or entertainment industries, and they are wondering when they will be working again. 

I lucked out, and got a job 2 years ago in the food industry. We are deemed essential, and never let up on production. One of our plants in Illinois has been hit hard with cases, and have lines down due to a labor shortage. Because if that we are picking up the slack at our plant in Nevada. Yesterday was my first day off in 111 days.  Uncle Sam appreciates my extra hours....... 

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