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Buy or Pass?


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Personally, I'd pass on that one..............if there are others available.  I bought mine for $100 and it was original all the way down to the leg.  Mine has a 4" wide jaw, which is the smallest, I think.  They come up on Craigslist so frequently in our part of the country that you can pretty much wait for the right price/quality combination to satisfy you.  If they are extremely hard to come by in your area, then you will have to make the "is it worth it" decision based on availability.


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Would depend on the width of the jaws; 6" or wider and that would be an ok price.  IF THE SCREW AND SCREWBOX ARE IN DECENT SHAPE!  That ad is like a used car ad that doesn't mention the size of the engine or if it even runs...

I'm in a blacksmithing equipment poor state too; (low population density during the late 19th early 20th centuries so few sets of smithing stuff and poor so what was here tends to be worked to death and beyond! ---Seen a number of zombie anvils worn past out doing ranch shoeing.) Anyway I can still find usable post vises in the lat couple of years for half that.

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Pass.  That price is too high unless the jaw width is unusually large and the screwbox is virtually perfect.  There are better out there if you have patience and keep your eyes open.

Both of mine came from the Lewiston ID area so I know there are still some out there in Idaho.  They do tend to run a bit more $ than places like the midwest but not as high as this offering for a vise that appears to just be middlin.

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On 8/19/2019 at 4:02 PM, Kozzy said:

Both of mine came from the Lewiston ID

Where are you in E. WA? t seems like it’s easier to find stuff like this up in the panhandle and in E.WA. Yesterday I saw a listing for a vice in Troy, ID for $75.

I was thinking about reaching out to a prof from law school (who lives in Troy) and seeing if he’d pick it up and hold it for me. Then I’d have an excuse to drive up there for a weekend.

Man I miss the Palouse.


I think I’m going to offer $100 and politely inform them that they’re way above market rate for something used. 

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I"d maybe offer $100 IF they took it off the RR rail post. Not paying to do dump runs for people, that's just too much eight to wrestle unless I needed a hunk of rail. Even then I'd make them take it off or knock $25 off the offer.

Frosty The Lucky.

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