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I Forge Iron

What project are you working on????

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As some know I am working on my blower and post drill ... Also fired up the forge to season some steak turners that my wife had made for her at the conference.... Took apart some weight lifting racks a guy was throwing away used 2x2 angle that he was throwing away so thats apart now..... I don't know what he had in mind when he built it but it was solid......

Anyone else working on any projects???

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This is my 4" forging vice. I made that stand for it some time ago. It looks pretty solid but it actually flexes quite badly when bending or pulling metal in the vice.


I recently got a nice 6" vice on ebay, so thought now was the ideal time to upgrade the stand as well.

I have spent the day sorting through my scrap pile and think I have found everything I need to make a proper, solid stand.

Welding it all together will keep me busy for an hour or two.


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Currently I've been doing these little roses.
need to make a die to do the veins in one shot, rather than with a chisel.
Wife and daughter love them, and want me to do a while screen door full.

one question: when you did the rose ( whith is wery nice ) did you do it frome one picepart?

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I am scrambling like heck to finish up alot of things , a couple of xmas blades , making bunches of leaf keychains, Rune pendants, and roses and all sorts of other things for relatives, tonight I am gonna try to finish up the wine rack I am making for the mother in-law, and still make it to the Tue. night live Blueprint. Never seems to be enough time to get everything done. :wink:

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I have been working on leaf keyfobs, kitchen utinsels, tongs and such for practice. In true "I been meaning to do that" fashion, since we got our first good snow I am sidelined making a snowblade for the dixie chopper.

A fella I work with just gave me 2 buckets of RR spikes. When I get the blade done it,s my intention to experiment with those.


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It has been a pretty hectic time around here.
One pair of spurs to a feed lot cowboy in Spearman Tx. Done
one pair of spurs to a real good kid in Goodwell. Ok.--Done
Six Conchos in progress for the local saddle-maker. 50 % done
Buckles for the same with a total of six. 50% done
Knife to San Angelo Tx. --Done
Knife to Ft. Worth. Tx. ---Done
Knife to Camargo, Chi. Mex.---Done
Half-a -dozen each of nutcrackers and steakflippers.(Kinfolks gifts) 30% Done

I am always glad when XMAS is OVER. I just wish the folks would order some of the stuff in July.BOG.


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If you have problems, PM or an email to Glenn or the site admin will get their attention and they can usually fix things.

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