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  1. Sorry for hijacking your thread metalmuncher, I'll try to make it short and add a picture of my oil fired forge OddDuck, I like the idea of using the flange that way and adapting it to a reverb, I think I have a few of those flanges of different sizes laying around, when I get my newest forge finished I'm gonna hafta start experimenting on an oil burning reverb. here is a link to my newest construction, gonna line the inside with fire brick having a 3 inch wall thickness and a 10 inch inside diameter, gonna be oil fired as well. I'll start a new thread on this when I get back to working
  2. I am also a BYMC, I go by Ron Smith over there so that makes 4. I haven't been able to do much in either casting of forge work for the past year, but I do get a little bit done every now and then Matt, I built an ursutz type oil burner years ago and I had nothing but trouble with it, I tried a few different designs and I gave up on it after about 6 to 7 months of working on it Ron
  3. MetalMuncher, I have built a burner similar to that one, well that's where I got the idea, anyhow I made a few changes as I used whatever I had on hand to build mine, but as for the oil line, I did however cut my oil tube to about 1-1/2 inches short of the burner tube/pipe and it works just fine. Can you get a longer piece of tube/pipe ? if not then how about cutting a bit off the end of your burner tube/pipe, or try it as it is now being 3 inches short of the end and see how it works, then cut a bit off and try until it works. Mine is adjustable and I could possibly move it so it is up
  4. Very nive, I really like that, it has been a while since I have used my forge to make anything but a few hooks, but I think it's time I fire it up and make me a sword kinda like that one, plus the weather is getting colder so I wont freeze whil doing it Thanks for sharing that one, I gotta have one like it now Ron S Smith
  5. hey, i'm a new member and a new smith, and i'm trying to get an effective forge going. i saw one of your posts from an '05 thread so i thought id ask you. right now, all i have is a pale insulated with some fireplace mortar with a black iron pipe running through the bottom of it with some holes drilled for air. it gets the job done, for the most part, but i can't forge weld in it. if i go about using a firepot, do i have to fill the firepot to the surface with coal, or do i shove the work into the pot to heat, im really not understanding how to work with a firepot, ive only ever worked with coal at the surface level of the forge, not sunken down into it. please help.

  6. here is a post vise stand i made a few years ago, i used a semi truck brake drum, welded in a 4 inch diameter pipe as tall as the vise, then you can see a smaller diameter pipe welded in so the vise leg wont move around i fill it with sand, lead, or anything with lots of weight, i havent done it yet but i plan on making it so i can bolt it to the floor using the lug holes (for doing those bends that make the vise wanna move in circles) i just need to pour a concrete pad and put some studs in it before the concrete hardens works purty good for me, here is a picture Ron
  7. i have cut several propane tanks with no problems at all if you have any fear of it at all, dont do it after taking the valve out, fill with water along with dish soap, refill several times, let sit several weeks before cutting i did an experiment once, after rinsing with water several times, i threw a lite match into the valve hole to check for flammability, it did shoot a small flame straight out the top and made the woooooofff sound, nothing to get excited about again most times i use a grinder and cuttoff wheel to cut tanks with, i leave the tank filled with water while cutting d
  8. very nice work, i love it Ron
  9. for your 2nd rose, i say great work, that turned out terrific i dont know if you posted a picture of your 1st rose, if so i missed it keep up the good work, your your worst critic, lighten up you do beautiful roses Ron
  10. exactly what i did, cut a hole a bit smaller into a steel table top with wheels, a let the brake drum sit up high enough so i could stack firebricks around it and make it as deep as i want i dont have any good pictures of it, but here is the only pic i do have of it, all you can see are the bricks stacked up to make the fire pot about 5.5 inches deep, it is 3 inches without the bricks there are 10 bricks laying on top to deepen the pot, take them off and the bricks under them are even with the top of the brake drum, they rest on a 26 inch square steel table with a hole cut in it for the dr
  11. i built me a rotary phase converter a few years ago, it is just a 2 hp motor, they work great and are very easy to build, mine cost me about 2 hours worth of time to assemble, that was after collection the capacitors, which i got from old outside central A/C units i plan on building a bigger one someday the thing about a roto phase is, you idle motor, which is in fact the phase converter itself, can run whatever size motor it is - if you get a 5 hp 3 phase motor and turn that into your roto phase (thats what i call them) you can run a 5 hp machine with no problems, now say you have 4 machi
  12. irnsrgn thank ya very much for that bit of very useful advice, i was thinking of an easy way to drill holes, that sure sounds easyer to me than a big heavy mag drill Ron
  13. thanks for the ideas irnsrgn i really like the holes in the table top, think that may be the 1st thing i do to it, along with a few nuts on the bottom side i had planned on doing something to the bottom, those shelves are full of sand, stones, mud and a bunch of other unwanted stuff still undecided about cutting it in half Ron
  14. this table didnt follow me home, it just showed up one morning oh i knew it was coming, i just didnt expect it this soon, what a surprise, was woken up early a dew days ago to a loud crashing sound, so's i commenced to looking out all the windows, when i get to the front window theres my friend rolling the table up my driveway about the table, it is just a few inches shy of being 8 feet long by 4 feet wide, the table top is 1/4 inch thick, it has some very nice wheels to move it around its just a bit to big for my shop, im thinking maybe to shorten it to about 5 - 6 feet long, unless i
  15. it is about 4 feet wide by 8 feet long table with wheels 1/4 inch top
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