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Memorial garden work

Joel OF

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Given the amount of advice I've had from forum members over the years, and the conincidental fact that day 1 of installing this work landed 5 years to the day since @John B talked me through how to forge a taper via a PM on this site, I thought I'd post some images of recently installed work.

Poppy themed gates & railings and 6 benches; 4 curved ones and 2 straight for a local war memorial which is being rejuvenated. Looking forward to seeing the garden once the flowers are planted, especially the rosemary bushes that are due to go behind the railings. Nature has a way of making your work look nicer!

Gates & rails blasted, zinc flame sprayed, vinyl top coats.

Benches blasted, zinc flame sprayed, primed, 2 pack top coat.

Thanks for the continuing advice.


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Really nice, I love the curves on those poppy stems.

And I love the use of colour I always like to see bright iron work it just makes it even more eye catching. and also from what I have read and been told by a number of smiths who specialise in restoration work it is actually more traditional.

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Thanks folks. I thought I'd uploaded pictures of the jigs to IFI but I guess I never did. I did put them on the Mig Welding Forum and can link to that if it's not against forum rules? The jigs were quite intricate.

The complicating factor with the gates and rails that due to rules on public work near roads there wasn't any gaps greater than 99mm allowed. I.e every gap must be less than 4" so a child can't get stuck in them. 

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Thanks all. To be honest @BIGGUNDOCTOR I think I'm in the vast minority over here too getting work zinc sprayed. Dipping is a lot cheaper, and a lot of folks are favouring dipped then T Washed for that stoney grey-white look.

@Lou L my coke forge isn't very big at all T.B.H. It's certainly not a big cast iron beast, the long heat is just a result of me stretching out the heat by feeding the bar backwards and forwards, pausing at certain point for 3 - 5 seconds at a time so I know I'm putting the same amount of heat into the bar along its length.

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Wow, that’s certainly the hard way to do it.  I struggled getting even heat on those 16.5” knives for heat treating and I have my forge set up to create a long narrow trench style fire.  Kudos to you!


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