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ABANA June 3-6 2020 Saratoga, NY CANCELLED

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Never to early to start making plans.  The 2020 conference will be held near Saratoga, NY.  Mark Aspery has created a Facebook page to keep folks informed on the event,s doings.  For the first time I've ever seen it, the demonstrators have already been selected.    Once again, myself and Mark Aspery will be at the teaching tent, Tomahawks are very likely to be present :-)

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ABANA 2020 June 3-6 Saratoga NY is on its way. It is THE blacksmithing get-together that you have been waiting for. We have a distinguished array of demonstrators in eight separate demo sites, a 20 forge teaching area, a youth teaching site, lectures, competitions, vendors, tailgating, family programs, members’ gallery, auction and BBQ and the Blacksmith’s Arm Pub. There will be a Saturday night dinner and coffee and donuts early mornings. Also there will be food available onsite all four days. 

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Alas, the conference has now been canceled. Mark Aspery posted the following on Facebook earlier this evening:

The ABANA board has cancelled the June ABANA conference.
The situation with regards the continued COVID-19 pandemic continues to change, and can pose considerable health risks to those that encounter it.
We cannot, in good faith, risk the health of anyone involved by going ahead with the conference.
At present, there are New York State restrictions of gatherings of over 50 people in place until mid May. Even if these restrictions were removed at that time, we cannot complete the logistical requirements of the conference within the remaining timeframe of 2-weeks.
If you have previously registered for the conference, we are currently formulating a process for refunds, please do not contact our registrar at this time, we will contact you.
Any conference goods purchased will be mailed to you. Although the ‘Slack-tub bourbon’ cannot be mailed across State lines, the empty ‘Slack-tub bourbon’ kegs will be sent to those that purchased them.
ABANA has incurred some hard costs in organizing this conference, and while ABANA is fiscally very solvent, most funds are restricted in their use. Our out-of-pocket expenses for the conference are above $30,000 dollars, of which $13,000 is non-recoverable. The remaining $17,000 paid out will seriously hamper ABANA’s immediate cash flow, and its ability to rapidly fund a future event.
We are asking that you consider making a donation to the ABANA general fund, in the sum of $20, $40 or other amount. This funding will offset the conference expenses already incurred and will help fund the next event. We are making a PayPal link on the ABANA.org Website, and we thank you, we appreciate your help.
The board, and the conference committee, want to wish you and your loved ones good health as we move forward from here.
Please be safe, and we’ll see you at an ABANA event in the future.
The ABANA 2020 conference committee.


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I think maybe the universe is trying to tell me something, and is starting to take it out on the rest of you.

My wife could not join me at the Delaware conference due to last minute medical problems, which later returned and interfered with Salt Lake City.

I got turned around before I made it to the Virginia state line due to a death in the family.

This time around, a world-wide pandemic.

If I register for the next one, expect alien invasion or giant meteors.

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Yeah I got the e mail this AM, cancelled my hotel and spent the day generally bummed out. I think quad state is going to be a go for me this year.  The next meeting on my agenda is late April at Center for Metal arts, in Johnstown PA . It will be a combined meeting of the eastern and western PA groups, as well (I think)  as a MD group, and maybe OH. I have a feeling that one might be a bit touch- and go also.


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Any further info on this as of now? I know that GA is planning on opening back up soon. Any info on any gatherings would would be welcome. 

In retrospect I should've started getting into this 2yrs ago when I really saw it. Now COVID19 making things difficult. 

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Definitely canceled.  Big bummer, JLP and I were supposed to be some of the demonstrators and as much time as we put into our demos it pales when compared to the time and effort donated by the organizing committee.  

They will still be holding the large items raffle to help offset some of the losses from the cancelation.  They are raffling a Big Blu power hammer, a BAM box full of forged tools from the best smiths in the country, and a large anvil.  

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