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  1. Tomahawk story board

    It is, this is a story board work in progress. Still getting all the bits ready.
  2. Platform on the side of an anvil

    Weakness is a terrible thing :-)
  3. Tomahawk story board

    And that's not counting the ones that didn't make the grade :-)
  4. Story board for the Tomahawk workshops at the ABANA Teaching Tent. As always, my target student is someone that has limited tooling, therefor, all steps can be done at the anvil and vice. The three semi-finished Tomahawks are to help give folks ideas on what they might do. I left them mostly in the raw, as that's about what folks will have the time to do in a four hour workshop.
  5. another new tool from the cave

    That's the term I learned from Mark Aspery.
  6. If this is the chisel in question, then be aware, it's not profiled for slitting deep holes. Unsupported corners are subject to failure when put to this stress. The design for slitting holes is very different. Tried to find a photo of one on Google but without success. However, any of the German blacksmith books with show one. Brent Bailey uses a slitting chisel/drift combo. Here's a photo of that, with a second drift.
  7. A2 for a hammer eye drift?

    So let me understand: An organization with a reputation for brutality, sided with Captain Bligh?
  8. A2 for a hammer eye drift?

    Captain Bligh would be proud.
  9. Yep, the first year I was on Etsy, I sold over 3000 RR spike bottle openers for $35 each. When I started, I was the only one selling that flavor, now lots are and they're down to $15 each. I won't go that low and moved on to making other items.
  10. The trouble with that, is I would have to put a disclaimer on everything I make. I don't take others design ideas, but then I also believe very few ideas I see on the internet are original. I used to work of a guy, that after twenty years of making architectural ironwork, had a shelf full of binders with photographs of his work. Less then 1% were ever posted on his web page. I know a lot of smiths like that, they don't post more then a sample of what they've done. What we see on the internet, is a very small fraction of the work that has been done. Form, function, price, experience and the tools on hand will greatly dictate the end result. And at the end of the day, smiths/artists working independently, will come up with remarkably similar ideas and designs One thing I see that does mildly irritates me, is the credit I see some on this forum giving to someone for "original idea", for no other reason that this was the first place they saw it. Facebook and Etsy posters are equally guilty. I know one guy so upset, because people were "copying his work", he shut down his Etsy page, . One of the items in question, was his copy (took inspiration from) of a 1000 year old piece at the museum of history in Stockholm. He never acknowledged that he was copying someone else's work. In his mind, because he was the first to put it on Etsy, then all others were copying him.
  11. Hiring help And liability

    But can you collect workmans comp?, here in the states (at least Virginia) one can't as a sole proprietor.
  12. A2 for a hammer eye drift?

    Go to almost any steel suppler and they'll list best uses for each steel.
  13. A2 for a hammer eye drift?

    What do you do, that you got all the steel laying around?
  14. Inventory Size and License

    You don't to sell at craft shows, not at least at any of the states I've sold in, but you do need to file sales tax. Ask your city or county office if you need a license, most will require it, but a few won't. Mine's $35 a year.
  15. Hiring help And liability

    Wow, you're in LA and running a unlicensed business. Good luck, but don't cry when you go down. Not what you thought you would get with your question, but you are so far out on a limb with what you're doing. You need a license, tax number, site approval (which you won't get for a blacksmith shop) and that's if you just stay solo.