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  1. That may work in Mass, but here in Virginia, according to the sale's tax folks, not allowed.
  2. Show me your Bottle Openers!

    I used 4140, as per Mark's advice :-) I think it was 3/8 round, but it's been a while.
  3. Show me your Bottle Openers!

    We taught that in the Teaching Tent at the 2014 ABANA conference. It really is quite simple, make a loop and roll it up.
  4. Horizontal/Vert or Porta Bandsaw

    If you're planning if just cutting metal into lengths and not doing cutout work, think about a dry cut saw. I've got the Makita model and did thousands of cuts before I needed to replace the blade.
  5. liability form

    When I opened a fight school/club, I had an attorney do my LLC and school liability waiver. I used the Dog Brother's Gathering warning (Crafty Dog also haven been a lawyer) as a base and asked him to make sure it covered what needed covering. He laughed as he gave me the waiver, telling me the paper had more value then the waiver written on it. He also told me that while it didn't give me any protection against lawsuits, it did have value in that it served as proof I had warned people of the dangers of letting someone punching you in the face. Sounds like he and Mr. Coe have the same advice.
  6. gates

  7. gates

    Actually I was being sarcastic. I'm quite in a state of disbelieve that you would so causally dismiss the value of studying the works of old. Your country is so rich in architectural history. Aside from the bombings of London and other major cities during WW11, you haven't had a war on your soil since before my country became a country. Few other countries can claim such richness, we in America have very little of that. Here, we think of a building built in 1899 as OLD. I was only in England and Wales for 3 ½ months, working in my friend's (First smith I worked for) dad's shop. On the weekends, I would explore the countryside looking for ironwork to study and photo. My eye for detail and my understanding of both the artistic and functional sides of ironwork grew so much from that experience. Granted, I was in the land of the Davies brothers and got to see several examples of their work. Sorry you're so bound by council rules. When I was in Shropshire, I build and installed several gates and there was never any issues from the council. I was under the impression that Britain was pretty much like the US, aside from codes for swimming pool and powered gates, there isn't any. When Stokes of England built the millennium gate (2000) in Oswestry to commemorate the continuous tradition of fine handcrafted ironwork, nobody from the counsel come by and told them how to build the gate.
  8. gates

  9. gates

    That was not my experience when I was over there. (Winter of 2003-4) I studied and took photos of what felt like a endless number of gates. It got to the point I wasn't taking photos unless there was something different.
  10. gates

    The aesthetics of gate design are very personal. What one might like, another will look upon with distaste. You live in England, just wander the countryside and you'll see hundreds of gates. From church lychgates to the gates of manor houses. Look at them, study them, take photos, and make sketches of them and in time, you'll develop your own sense of aesthetics. But no matter what you design, the mechanics will effect what you can do, gravity is always there.
  11. Junk mail after posting

    Interesting how the internet is working. I posted about wire mesh for fireplace screens and I just received spam from a Chinese company wanting to sell me wire mesh.
  12. H13 steel for blacksmithing tools

    I don't use H13, but I know smiths that do. Some have used it for years and like it. Others have made trips to the hospital ER. Make your own choices and reap the benefits.
  13. I don't get this O1 steel

    I agree, it is as easy to weld as other tool steels.
  14. I don't get this O1 steel

    My recommendation is to stop using O-1. O-1 is good steel, both for knifes and chisels, but requires precise temperatures in all steps during forging and heat treatment. Unless you have the equipment to do that, you will not get the benefits of using O-1. Since most of the time, it's more expensive W-1, it's better to use W-1 or one of the other simple carbon steels. I've also found 5160 to be a generally good steel for knife blades and forgiving in the forging process. Both W-1 and 5160 forge weld to mild.
  15. Fireplace screen

    Just for general information: I use an heavier wire as I believe it gives me greater rigidness and I never worry about the grand kids poking a hole in it :-) While I have in the past bought a whole roll from the manufacturer, these days I order mine from Mcmaster-Carr. "Steel Wire Cloth, Sheets, 10 x 10 Mesh Size, 0.065" Opening Size, 0.035 wire size"