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When too much... IS too much !


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One has to give him some credit.  He clearly did his homework on constructing a forge.  There appears to have been some informed decisions made with insulation and using chokes for his burners.  And, his channel does appear to be about being “extreme” in his builds. I would say his propane bill will be extreme..so, well done!   

My main complaint is this:  It seems like everyone who has the spare cash for a mig welder gets delusions of grandeur and posts videos of his amazing welding.  The video would have been very different if he was stick welding.  We was dropping welds mindlessly like my seven year old with a bottle of craft glue.  Being a guy with only a junky stick welder...this annoys me.

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You're right Lou. We should give him some credit. He did what looks to be a fairly solid build of a forge. Just got caught up in the "bigger is better" thinking (but his whole "tube" channel seems to be dedicated to that). I've been guilty of that once or twice :D.

Just hope people looking to build a forge don't only see this video before starting and end up with a monster gas guzzler they don't need.

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I would commend him for NOT wanting to make knives or swords as that forge so clearly is designed only for working on large sections like for major gates or sculptures. Inquire about how large a power hammer he has for working such sizes....

I would also praise his commitment to the craft as that forge will take hundreds if not thousands of dollars of propane extra as compared to a typical forge (build instructions at Wayne Coe's webpages.)  I might also mention that he didn't show the photo of the insulation needed to make a forge work and did he use one or two inch?

If he says he wants to make swords point out that historically swords were forge in forges with a hot spot less than a foot long and heating more than you can work in one go results in DAMAGE to the sword through grain growth. scale losses and decarburization...

If his feelings are hurt by the truth just wait till he sells something to a customer and it breaks!

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