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I Forge Iron

Pretty pictures of my chopper from last weeks FiF

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Ernesto Urdanata's steller pictures of my first chopper from my Forged In Fire Chapions of Champions edition! @efactor1 Thank you again Ernesto, the pictures are fantastic!

I had a blast making this knife even though the time constraints were tight. Stabilized dyed maple, black G10, brass pins with brass medallion. Forged 80CrV2 blade with leaf lanyard hole on base.


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Absolutely fantastic work Theo, it looks outstanding. The temper lines are so clean and follow the lines of the blade perfectly. The handle looks incredibly comfortable, and the lanyard scroll on the end adds a nice little blacksmiths signature, if you will. 

Amazing work overall. Thank you for posting, and congrats. 

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You're a good showman, have an excellent, lovable presence on camera and do work worthy of winning, I'm betting they invite you back as soon as they can think up a reason. Maybe shows based on "Beat Bobby Flay", hmmm? 

One more whack with your chopper and there wouldn't have been anything to whack. Eet Weel chop!  Stayed sharp and undamaged. Pure power win for performance. The lanyard scroll looks kind of like a tongue, you weren't REALLY trying to represent sticking out your tongue thinly disguised with leaf veins were you? :ph34r:

I can't wait to watch you win your next episode. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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