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I often get visitors from overseas at my demos, especially at this midwinter time of year which is our high tourist season. I can make some sort of amateurish stab at French but know zilch about any other languages. Anyway, it's interesting to note where people come from, and I think they like it if you show an interest in their part of the world. We have erected a chalkboard in the smithy, and I invite visitors to contribute their word for blacksmith. The list is growing every day. We added Spain today.

One character suggested that I place New Zealand there as well. When I said that I thought New Zealanders spoke English (well, nearly) he said no, I would have to write 'smuth'.  That got a bit of a chuckle from visitors,. Might do it just as a joke.

Here's the set up:




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Over at anvilfire they have an international glossary with a lot of smithing terms in: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Latin, Dutch, Afrikaans, Portuguese and Hungarian.  (I found it off the FAQs page).  Remember folks that Jock doesn't allow direct linking to his site so please don't put one here!

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not had many visitors from far away places at my shop but a few years ago a guy from australia came to see me at a local event I was demoing at, not because of blacksmithing though, he was a fan of a certain author who has used me in his books and my name was mentioned in the advertising for the event.

he was visiting the town at the time with his wife who came from there, the came over here to meet her family.

upon seeing my name and a mention of the author he wanted to meet me

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I like the idea but maybe a sign for each language and country. That way you can point to the appropriate one and say . . . Here's your sign.

Okay, sure that's probably not part of a good business plan but it's fun to think about.

Frosty The Lucky.

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