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Where to make my "shop"

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Welcome aboard, Joakim. It's good to have you here.

First of all, please let us know where you are! If you put your location in your profile settings, other IFI members will be able to find you, and some of the answers we give may well depend on knowing where you are.

Second, read up the various threads about how to get started. In fact, read just about everything that strikes your fancy. Read, read, read, read, read. You'll learn a lot, and when you get around to asking the questions your reading hasn't answered, you'll know enough to ask good questions?

The obvious answer to your question is to find somewhere to work and get some tools! Don't worry about getting a super-fancy setup with all the latest and greatest of everything. We have members who started out with a carpenter's hammer, a rock for an anvil, and a fire in a hole in the back yard! If you're creative, you can figure out a way to make do with what you have until you can get something better. 

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An apartment just makes things a little more challenging. We had one member that would load everything on his bicycle and bike over to a small area he rented. He would set up, work, then tear down, and bike back home.

You can learn a lot by using modeling clay instead of metal. A hammer and a make do anvil, and you can work non-ferrous metals inside the apartment.

The more you read the larger your knowledge base becomes. When you do get a place to forge, you will have a large advantage.

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Welcome aboard joakim, glad to have you. You can have a VERY compact blacksmith shop, one you can carry in one box in your hands in fact. Check out the Mastermyr, find for an ancient blacksmith's complete traveling operation. 

An old acquaintance of mine lived in an 8th. floor retirement condo in Florida who made hand forged pattern welded knives on the balcony. Forge, anvil, bench, vise, tools, stock, everything stored under a shelf in his closet.

I'm sure you could build a traveling operation you move with a hand truck to set up in a park when you have time. There are lots of ways to solve this. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Your buddy doesn't need to live with or very near you, just be interested in blacksmithing or willing to help. I have friends who have helped me or I them and we're not necessarily interested in what we're helping with. 

Be very careful in the woods, it isn't just sparks from the fire that can start fires. There will be hot scale coming off the steel while you're forging and it can be anywhere from bright red hot to black heat, any of which are hot enough to start a fire.

Then there are the bits we trim or cut off, sometimes a little piece, I call them pinch offs, can fly quite a distance. If you're in an area where letting fire get away from you, say the forest you have to learn to trim without parting the pinch offs on the hardy or with a chisel. Cut it most of the way through then break it off with tongs and pliers so it CAN NOT fly off! 

Fire control is always important but it can become more important than the reason you're there.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hej Joakim Det är väl bäst att jag fortsätter på engelska ^_^

I cannot add much to the advice you have been given (which is very sound) but: Read up the 

Thomas Powers Applied Anvil Acquisition Technique (a thread under 'Anvils')

It will apply also to places where you can set up. Do you not have any friend or relation who is or knows a friendly farmer who is not too far away?

Around here, many would give you a welcome. Even if you are a beginner, there is usually something that needs straightening or bending on a farm.

I am unsure about "allemansrätten" in Norway. In Sweden you would need to ask the landowner for a smithing operation.


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