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  1. Never pass up road kill iron (except rebar) (my personal opinion on rebar)
  2. My brother and I were on a welding job in his portable rig. We finished and rolled up. As we got into the truck I stepped on the handle of his dry extinguisher and the dust unloaded. The passenger side of his truck floor was covered with rod boxes, extra leads, and tools. Didn't take us long to vacate! I did not replace the extinguisher either because I had told him many times to get it out of the cab mess and mounted where he needed it.
  3. I don't think there is that much difference between architecture and engineering. There is an old school saying that comes into play here "Plan your work and work your plan" You may find blending both disciplines satisfying. If you really want to find a way to forge you will push forward. Wishing you nothing but success.
  4. I would try opening it up a little at a time until you find what works best.
  5. When I Iived in an apt I would drive around looking for an abandoned housing street or a street with new construction where no one lived and set up there. Worked with no problem. Or a wide spot on a side of street.
  6. I made a knife from a differential bearing for my brother. It came from his Chevy one ton. It has Has not lost it's edge yet. And that has been 27 years since it is still in his sock drawer! Last knife I have made since they are made to be used. Bearing steel will make a good blade. I tested it.
  7. Getting old and failing body parts is tough. I have a stool I set between the forge and anvil now. And we thought our twenties would last a life time!
  8. Sometimes it is not the client. When I was a working stiff I led a specialized crew in aviation. We had a huge reconfigured job for the interior of a medium size aviation company involving their entire fleet. I finally had to call the sales dept. What the hold up was on the AC interior since the hangers were ready to push out the first run of aircraft. They had given this company eight interior configurations. That is when I came down on them with both feet. I explained three choices were more than enough. Some of the choices had no parts available. They felt the customer need many choices. Th
  9. YVES I once worked for a man who was a machinist. He told me when he first started machining he would make each part to the numbers. His boss told him to quit being exact and to keep it within tolerance. I got the same lecture!! Put your handrail on stands in position and check the wall for imperfections that each scroll could/ should be used and then you will be more than good enough.
  10. Hey chessy I got a story for you I bought a cast flatter once that was a mess. Filed it flat and had a piece of tool steel sized for a new face The plan was to silver it to the cast. While heating the two pieces in the forge the cast flatter tipped while the coal burned. Grabbing my tongs to restaighten it in the fire it disappeared into a puddle in the bottom the forge. Don't heat that anvil just use it on soft forming or make it a homage to your grandfather!
  11. When you get frustrated from beating the nubs into round or square bar you like I did will find it is easier to start with proper stock. Mainly because I forgot what I was going to make!
  12. I hate to sound rude and crude to the blacksmith community however here it comes. If everyone of us made knives we all would be standing on a street corner giving them away because there would be no market. I have been smithing since the late 60's. During that time I have made two knives and gave them to family. Now I have repaired steam tractors, made gates, straitened bumpers and round bale stickers, and a lot of stuff long forgotten. It is a big world out there that needs us in other endeavors.
  13. The entire country has had high humidity. have you drained the tank lately? I hate to hear explosions!!
  14. Personally I have never understood the passion for brick forges against a wall. To me they seem restrictive. I have seen two in use. Both were free standing in the middle of the room with a hanging hood. Easy to approach from any side depending on steel length and to be close to vises and other tooling. Please educate me I must be missing something. I use a large round clay forge on four legs and can lever it where I need it with a 2x4 stud.
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