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I Forge Iron

cant find an anvil

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Are there forklifts in capetown?


Remember that for over 2 *thousand* years an anvil has looked like a large chunk of wrought iron and/or steel (and sometimes *rocks*)

only fairly recently has the "London pattern" and some of the continental patterns come in existance.

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Patience & persistence.  Those are your best friends.  Even if an anvil is dangled in front of you, if it's not right (price or features), have the patience to pass.  That can be hard when you are itching for a "real" anvil.  As was mentioned earlier, you up the effectiveness of the persistence part if you use the TPAAAT (do look it up).

And just so I feel more useful, take note of what the others have said about not getting too hung up on what shape your "anvil" is.  Focus instead on what it needs to accomplish and that might open your eyes to a hogshead barrel of other options.

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if you want something in keeping with your name then look up some from that period, viking anvils were not 'london pattern' and a simple block will do most things you need.

a large sledge hammer head would be ideal

can they not be bought in SA either new or an old one with broken handle

there is a video that has been posted here before of blacksmiths in nepal making kukri blades on a sledge hammer head

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And when you do finally one, anvils will seem to be attracted to you. Before you know it you will have more than you can use lol.    

I believe the main reason for this is because as you start using your first you unknowingly use TPAAAT.  You start showing ppl your work, you are so excited you tell EVERYONE. Pretty soon word gets around and those unused "hidden" anvils start getting dropped off by friends and family. 

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