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  1. This is true! Mine is.......Im of the firm believe that a broken machine will be fixed just as a coworker gets back with the tool you sent him to get. Its like clockwork at the mill.
  2. Now that is funny, i dont care who you are lol!
  3. I didn't for awile and im regretting it. Was switching hands mid way because of the wear. Nothing like learning the hard way.
  4. Nice collection LB! Be proud of that work man, your doing great!!! I drew out some long tapers on 3/4 rebar,... I see now why you guys hate the stuff! They will be pull up handles for a friend and he wanted the rebar texture for the grips. Wasn't worth it though. i could have done that a different way. Blisters from a bad handle and bad stock hahaa!!! Im not tooled up for such things. Need a power hammer asap!
  5. I will definitely catch the next one, I had never seen or knew they existed. So i didn't pay much attention. Maybe this post will save a few noobs from my experience
  6. Kids just brought me some turkey valture feathers, maybe good for a project later on. Hand forged dream catcher?
  7. Fantastic progression of hammer making. Nice work!
  8. Yeah, it didn't take long after that last post I decided I had to fix it. Started making a new plug out of d2 and just couldn't make it work. So i went ahead and used the old plug. Blacksmith stubborn is a real thing Oh great, after this post there will be lots of hammers out there to confuse the next generation hahaaa! I love it, let's start hiding messages in our tools. Like the smith that made this hammer. His was, you have alot to learn grasshopper lol I won't be parting with this hammer for some time. Thanks man!
  9. Last time I conversed with them he said he was no longer doing classes and was headed over seas to teach. That was 4 weeks ago.
  10. After many hours last night i was able to almost restore her to her former glory. forge welded the plug back in . Still has problems and im not sure it will hold. Was a experience though!! Took till 3am n im feeling the pain today. Longest quick n dirty hammer mod ever!!!! Expensive hammer now hahaa
  11. That's exactly what was done, it was a hand forged hammer, i shouldn't have messed with it i guess.
  12. Hole goes all the way to the body of the hamner and is has a lot of what looks like small wire in it. So strange
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