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  1. A nest,.. in a super plush hot tub room with the wife for two days. Had room service and didn't go out much. Was a nice mini vacation.
  2. I can't believe your actually using that anvil! It's as old as the earth itself! Please stop hammering on that and take it to the smithowenitallaum ASAP!!
  3. Glen is 100% correct,I fought hard for my first anvil. I no sooner picked it up and the next day one was setting on my doorstep for free. It's quite strange how it happens. Now I have 3 anvils. I'm using the tpaaat approach to finding time to put hot iron on them, Doesn't seem to work as well for that...... I do envy your stand jhcc! Darn nice work!
  4. Elephant in the room is striking a arc on a anvil. .... .... no thank you, I'm not doing it!
  5. I like! Wish I had thought that way when I started, but I tend to put things into what i call "estate sale prospective" I want my kids to have a unique experience at that point in time. So I try to build items of conversation, maybe value. Prolly morbid idk...
  6. Glen said what I failed at saying lol
  7. That book is a great start. If it were me I'd weld up a pot and table and get to hammering iron. The forge doesn't make the Smith it only makes iron malleable. Best of luck and keep asking questions. These guys are great!
  8. Have you located a good source of coal? It can be hard to locate in some areas.
  9. Sounds like you have a great start! Dave gave you sound advice. In relation to my project, I thought that there was something romantic about a coal forge and spent way to much time making it "perfect" wasted to much time building it and not enough time hammering iron. Get some smaller hammers as Dave said and start on small projects first. Make sure hooks n such. Whatever you do,,,, ,...... Don't attempt that axe for a long wile lol . One more thing, read read read. Get the free books you can download. The links are all over if. Sorry for the quote Dave. Hit the wrong post to quote.
  10. Frosty, your cool I like you but dude! I checked on 3 different platforms. My phone, tablet and laptop all showed the pics. Logged in or out. I suggest a large sledge to your console. More than likely that will cause a trip to the store and I know it's a hike but in the long run it will be worth it!
  11. Links? Im lost, my pics seem to work on all 3 platform's i have. All good, I said alot of things friday, i cant post here. I was already frustrated before i lit the forge. I have had one of those weeks..... Had a mait guy instal a wrong clamp in one of my large chippers, studs broke and it ate it. Ive never been scared of a piece of machinery quite like i was of that chipper when i ran to the e stop.... 300hp spinning a 9 ton 6' disk with the pto side bearing blown up. All the wile trying to eat a 3"x5"x32" tool steel clamp. Needless to say he no longer works for me and im rather depressed. Some lessons are very painful........
  12. Thanks for posting that mark, that explains alot of what is wrong with my hammer technique. I struggle with another problem. I'm ambidextrous so my mind constantly wants to switch hands. Sounds silly but, it's like I want to switch from South paw to a right hander constantly during a heat.
  13. Haha I know I know. Mistake should have been my middle name lol I did forge the shank first on both of them by forming them hot into the hole but the hardy hole slants off into the anvil and I wanted it to fit tight at least 2 ways. First one did not, second one does and is much better all around. I just reread my post and it's hard to follow. The one I cracked, in heat treat last night was just the first of 3 failed projects. Ever have one of those days where you should probably just have stayed in bed? Lol. I was however stoked when I was able to pull the second one off. It's really the best thing I've forged so far. As far as heat treating the hot cut, I knew I didn't need to, and it is dangerous to hammers to have it hard. Hmm,.. Guess I just had to do it. Just Like I Had To go though my chisels and punches at work. Reworking, heat treating and tempering them all. Maybe I'll anneal it just for practice now. I've only about 30 hours total on the anvil. Prolly many more mistakes in my posts to come. I'm much happier with the one I made today. Can turn two ways and it's in one piece hahaaa
  14. Looking good!
  15. Mistakenly posted in the wrong thread. Not trying to hijack. Sorry