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  1. Only advice I have is, talk to your leaf spring soothingly wile heating it. You must have made it mad at some point. Jokes aside, start on much smaller work. Some 3/8 round stock and make a s hook or something. That spring steel moves hard. .....also if that is the piece you were thinking of making a hot cut out of, it is a very poor choice.
  2. Definitely feeling some forge and tool envy!! Very nice setup and your defiantly comfortable, rocking the jammies at the forge! Lol. Happy forging! Brian
  3. Nice! I've been looking for a large peen myself.
  4. Great build! Nice and clean fab! Im a bit envious I must say!
  5. What frosty said,.. I have cut huge amounts of iron on many different types of bandsaws. I have never changed speeds always just cut by sound and feel. I'm always worried about being square. So I set up and tune my saw by feel and her tune.
  6. Thank you all for the great informative replies! Good stuff! Gave the atf a try and it works great! I'm bringing my lathe home tomorrow and have some other new toys coming soon. This information will come in very handy.
  7. Yes roof, walls and ceiling are metal. Hahaa, I can arrange that as long as there is room for me a wife and two young ones
  8. I've never had this much moisture in any of my shops before. It's been a warm damp winter but this is ridiculous! I tried linseed oil first it didn't stop the rust. So Monday I coated everything in good motor oil. Water is literally running off my anvils and such. Closed up uninsulated pole barn. Should I insulate and heat it? Big dehumidifier? Worked 6 hours on this girl last night. Come home from work and it's rusty. Gotta love living in the swamp I guess lol
  9. Did I mention I absolutely love my forge? The deep pot and the insert I made to make it shallow made a 2 inch drop to the clinker breaker. It's a strange pot but it works awesome!! Hood works great as well and I'm getting good to fire management. Been mixing tractor supply coal with charcoal as fuel. Works great. 20 gal of hard maple charcoal I pulled from my boiler this am. Starting to amass my mandatory tools. Feels good to have only started with a few hammers and one set of usable tongs. Cut up some semi trailer Spring with the band saw for some more punches drifts and chisels. The one I cut to shape will be a stone chisel of some sort...
  10. Yeah, booo.... I missed it too
  11. Sorry TP, he builds walls, flowerbeds, walkways and chimneys. I have the complete modern blacksmith. I made the first chisel from memory of his description. I'll make a bush and single point as well.
  12. Your first one looks alot like my first! But I was using a piece of mystery steel. Water quenched. Put on the anvil and first hit it was in 3 pieces. Thought it was mild but actually was high carbon. Whoops. Won't do that again.
  13. Started on a stone chisel set for a stone Mason that works for me during the winter. He doesn't know I'm making them for him. First piece of the set is hammered outhe of semi trailer Spring steel. Still alot of work to do. Any ideas for different types of chisels to complete the set?
  14. Thanks C-1 that sign came with the "new to me" pole barn. It's wedged in quite solid and I haven't bothered to remove it. It's funny, my son cranks it 115 and my daughter cranks it 15rpm! Think I'm in trouble! Sand/clay is best! It doesn't need sweeping and keeps the taxes low! I still have to plumb that blower in. Figure it will be something for the kids to help with. I'll use my daughter for small work and son for welding lol
  15. Shop is coming together, my daughter and I unloaded and set the welding bench today. We also swept and cleaned the shop. Good day!! Shop is coming together, my daughter and I unloaded and set the welding bench today. We also swept and cleaned the shop. Good day!!