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I seen this when I was about eleven or so and it peaked my interest. I put together a kit Kentuckyrifle. I had to do it on my own though. It came out okay as a kid I was very proud of it. It was stolen when my house was broke into about 15 years ago. I guess it was about three or four years ago watching cable and this video was played between movies. It invoked some nostalgia and also reignited my interest in smithing. Mr. Gunsler is an amazing Craftsman.

Thanks for posting this it reminds me of being a kid.

   Waxing nostalgic,

                Pnut (Mike)

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I saw it about '73. A family friend was organizing a farrier class at the community college and was bringing the farrier/teacher up from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM. He showed me this movie, and it sealed the deal.

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You are right, it is an hour worth repeating and repeating from time to time. A real lesson on what man can do with a few simple tools and the knowledge of how to use  them. Thanks for posting the link

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