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Found an anvil in a scrap metal bin.

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 I am new to the forums and have been looking for an anvil for sometime. Low and behold I was rummaging through the scrap metal bin at work and I found an anvil.  It says Southern Crescent on the side and and "10" at the base under the horn.  I weighed it at home, 96.7 lbs so 45kg ish.  What do ya'll think of this?


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Welcome aboard Sam, glad to have you. If ou'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many IFI members live within visiting distance. Excellent score and Kudos for saving an anvil from the scrapper. Use it in good health.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Don't know much about the brand.    But condition looks awesome for the price.  There are much worse for sale online

Hardy hole looks on the small side.   Before you make a bunch of tools for that you might wanna enlarge it.   Which might be a real pain.   If you stick with this you will eventually want a larger anvil...   probably.   BUt this is a good size for portable as well...  Or use it for a while then sell it.


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In years past, "portable" or "traveling" forges were fairly common.

In the military, both Artillery and Calvary units were allotted "forge wagons" as a standard part of their equipment.

Somewhere, I saw a list of everything that a Calvary unit carried on their "traveling forge".

The "standard" anvil, that was specified for their use under those conditions, was a #100 London pattern.


Obviously, the primary role of those forges, was to support the work of the farriers, ... and to maintain harness and tack.

While I'm sure a larger Anvil might have been desirable, that still gives you an idea of the scope of the work that was successfully undertaken on that size anvil.

Then, as now, the military did not lack for manpower, and if a heavier Anvil had been deemed necessary, ... that's what they would have used.




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