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  1. Bud in PA

    Question on brass horn repair.

    I see that BigGunDoctor Mentioned Force 44. I have used it a bit to install sights on guns, and it is easy to use and pretty strong.
  2. Bud in PA

    Hand forged tongs from rebar

    One of these days when the doctor releases me I am going to try to make some tongs out of farriers nippers that I have. Oh yeah the dr. says that hammering might cause vibrations that would interfere with my spinal fusion!!!!!!!!!!!! I offered to buy an Estwing hammer with a cushion grip My wife smacked me.
  3. Bud in PA

    fire pot from an old kitchen sink

    I buy my coal by the ton, for use in my coal furnace. As soon as the doc releases me I will be making some pea size coal with my hammer.
  4. Bud in PA

    Death in the Family

    Prayers for you and yours.
  5. Bud in PA

    fire pot from an old kitchen sink

    Charles I can get nut coal to burn OK, although after 30 years of burning it I find myself still learning something new every year. That could be the result of old age, I find that if I don't write it down, I tend to forget.
  6. Bud in PA

    fire pot from an old kitchen sink

    JHCC My furnace uses nut coal I think it goes for $.235 a ton. I remember some years back there used to be a size called pea coal, a bit larger then rice coal. Haven't seen it for sale in quite a few years. .
  7. Bud in PA

    fire pot from an old kitchen sink

    Thanks Charles. With the body parts I've had replaced in the last 2 years, I'll be happy to be able to forge 1/2 inch stock. Old age ain't for the weak!
  8. Bud in PA


  9. Bud in PA

    fire pot from an old kitchen sink

    JHCC I burn coal, not the soft stuff but Anthracite. I use a coal stove in my basement to supplement my oil heat, so i buy it by the ton. I don't know if the side blast would work with coal.
  10. Bud in PA

    fire pot from an old kitchen sink

    Thanks Our ground is mostly clay so it would be easy and cheap.
  11. Bud in PA

    fire pot from an old kitchen sink

    Thanks never thought about using clay, Maybe refractory cement and firebrick, Thanks Das
  12. Hello the list i am back after some metal replacement parts in my body. I have a question, I have a brake drum forge and have been thinking of making a forge with a lager fire pot. Being on a fixed income, and cheap, I was wondering if anybody has tried to make a fire pot out of an old sink. They are cast iron and have the drain in the center of the bottom. A few whacks with a hammer should remove most of the porcelin, I don't know the effect of a coal fire on porcelin but I don't want to take any chances. I figure that I can cut the sides down if necessary with my angle grinder. Any thoughts?
  13. Bud in PA


    Will be back in about 5 weeks. Shoulder replacement surgery has me sidelined. Bud in PA P)
  14. Bud in PA

    Forge name

    I have never been accused of being artistically inclined, so myself I would go for "THE BLACKSMITH SHOP".
  15. Bud in PA

    Appalachian Hammer Questions

    I just got good news today. The surgeon told me no rotator cuff repair, yea. Then he told me shoulder replacement. Well I told my wife the up side is she won't have to bury me when I go, take me to the junk yard and scrap all the titanium in me. Knees, neck and shoulder. Now my body is worth more than most.