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Here's my old Lincoln AC 225 ......not much to look at .
I suspect a lot of other shops have one of these things in a corner somewhere.
The original grounding clamp and electrode holder have both been worn out and replaced.
The original cooling fan gave out a few years ago, and was replaced.
Much of the original insulation on the wire leads has come off due to heat and age. As you can see, there is much electrical tape covering the cables.
But all in all,this has been a tough old machine and is still my main welder.



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i have a old airco bumble bee, retired now because i replaced the 3 ph. with single ph. when i re wired the main power to have a way to shut it down when needed. will probobly replace it with a lincoln 225 or one from sears that is ac/dc, but daddy has a old buzz box that still welds great at about 35 yrs. of age.

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This is a Bobcat 225. It is great for the jobs for which it was purchased. If I were to get one for the Blacksmith Shop I think I would get a Mig.
Don't get the wrong idea. I am not a welder. I usually just stick the metal together and grind the UGLY off. I am improving....



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Photo 1
In the shop, Old Marquette AC, 40's era.

Photo 2
WW2 army surplus electric motor driven Lincoln SA200 DC bench welder with foot control. To the left, Miller Spoolmate. under neath, Miller Hi Freq unit.

Photo 3
Miller 200 wire feed.

Photo 4
On the service truck 1950 Lincoln SA200 engine drive.

I also have a 40's era Lincoln 200 special powered by a 4 cyl Wisconsin and a 1930's era forerunner to the Lincoln SA 200, needs a radiator.





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My welder, which is being plugged in for the first time this weekend ... it's the same as jayco's and this welder is older than I am =P Assuming the cooling fan works, there's nothing else that can die on the things though. I replaced the electrode holder and the ground clamp, and only just today built an extension cord long enough to go from my dryer outlet to my garage (45 feet of 8/3 SOOW is expensive, but I got a good deal on it)

Of course... now i need to learn to weld with it =D



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Hello all,
just acquired an old school Lincoln sae 200. its driven directly by a (I assume..) wisconsin vg4d v-type manual crank engine..
It was manufactured in toronto, canada.
Lincoln themselves cannot find any information on this particular set up.
Fantastic arc welder, bit tiresome to manually crank this engine, lol



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