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  1. My shop is a metal building with board and batten over the metal sides. Makes quite a difference in hot Texas.
  2. One of the ancient books on blacksmithing suggests 18" as the ideal height for the hood above the fire.
  3. Think about moving the tail stock forward and put a tabletop on the unneeded part of the ways.
  4. I too have one of Grants machines that has croaked. If you find them fixable please contact me. Would be happy to sell it as is too.
  5. I have a 100 lb Murray and love it. Murray is the next step in evolution from the LG. The best improvement is bronze bushings with grease zerks instead of Babbitt. I think it would be a fair buy in the mid to upper 2000's. Good luck.
  6. I ran across an antique safe once that had alternating plates of tool steel and cast iron to discourage drilling and torching and vials of tear gas to further discourage misbehavior.
  7. Procedure from an old blacksmithing book: Use wood wedge, then metal wedge at 45 degrees to the wood wedge. Soak in a bucket of linseed oil for a week. Works for me.
  8. Cedar rots and feeds termites. I second the suggestion that you treat it, coat it, or set it in concrete.
  9. A 2 stroke powered abrasive disc works wonders. You will get 4 or 5 cuts out of a 7.00 disc for a cost of less than 2.00 per cut and it goes through a rail like a knife through butter.
  10. OK you asked for it. I am building a faithful copy of this gate. Been working on it for YEARS! A few more years to go.
  11. The Houston Area Blacksmiths Assoc. website has a For Sale column that turns up lots of stuff. Phenix Knives in Bellville, TX may have a spare anvil. Good luck.
  12. Here's a photo of the Jenkins & Lingle. I have removed the ugly old paint since this photo was taken and she looks pretty good now. helvehammer.bmp
  13. Just joking about needing help with the hammers, but I bought Clifton Ralphs video a few years back and certainly recommend it to anyone with a power hammer. I will try to get a photo of the helve but give me a day or two.
  14. I forgot the 25 lb. Moloch in the barn. I guess I don't really need it. Anybody want it? 110 volt motor, plug and play, might need a new belt. 979-830-3578