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fabricated an anvil today

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here is a 57kg ( about 125 lb ) anvil I made today, first got two blocks of steel from the local scrapyard



on top is a part from a mole plough that I will use as a horn.





deeply veed out the horn and cleaned up the main block then welded them together using 7018 rods, also welded on bottom half



there is still a slightly larger base plate to go on yet, height about 325mm ( 13" )

thickness of top block 90mm ( 3 5/8" )

thickness of bottom block 140mm ( 5 5/6" )


the table is not hard but it will do for some work and be used by those who may damage a more valuble anvil, I may hardface it later, will try it out this weekend to see how it holds up

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It looks like you have the weight, but not the stability that will be needed for the anvil.  If it "works" for you, you might want to consider welding the whole thing to a plate of 1" or thicker steel, that is wider than what you have in your base piece.  It will add weight, and keep it from tipping.  Holes pre-drilled will give you the easy ability to bolt it to a log.

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there is as stated above another plate to weld on the bottom which will help, the plate is the right size to fit in a stand I have and I will put in a few holes to bolt it down.

the horn on this is hard but the table is not at the moment and I have another pair of blocks for a bigger one today

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I would guess the height is 13" at the moment without the base plate, see the 3 welding wire rolls in the background for scale.


Maybe you find another piece for a upsetting block since you already have a step between the two blocks.

It would add some weight too 

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I did make it too tall but that was the size of the pieces I found.

here are a few measurements for you


base 9 1/2 by 8" and 1/2" thick  240 by 200 by 12mm

OA height 13 3/8 340mm

table 3 3/8 by 9" 85 by 230mm

horn 6 1/2 165mm


the next one will be shorter and fatter, already have the pieces for it

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That's me in the photo making the hook.  The anvil works very well. It sits very solid and still on the stand so no stability problems even though on first sight it may look like it could topple over it most certainly wouldn't.  I did have the same thoughts about the horn as other posters but after using it I am sure my hammer handle will fail long before that weld even notices it's being hit.  It's a great size for a backyard/home forge too.

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working height is not bad it just looks tall.

next one is quite a bit heavier but a lot shorter, awaiting for the top to be machined and a hardy hole put in it ( I also think it is a harder steel ).

it will probably be a month before that comes back and I may wait till I need to use it to put it together.


as a student anvil I am happy with it, there is not much damage that can be done to it that cannot be easily fixed

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here are some pictures of the next one, it is bigger and has a long heel, just got the top half back from machining.

it is about 5 1/2" wide and 11 1/2" long before I add the horn, this block is also reasonably hard though I  dont know the gradepost-15516-0-71282300-1421864710_thumb.jpost-15516-0-50055000-1421864725_thumb.jpost-15516-0-03050600-1421864762_thumb.j

it has a big block for the base like the other one but this time it has a 1" hardy hole

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