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    Ok this thread has been long in mothballs but I can't seem to get s good answer. I have a set of Airco propane torches with gauges, hoses and bottles. Question is this: I just purchased a two burner propane forge from Jay Nickell Designs. Can I use the propane regulator and gauges to feed my forge? New hose and gas rated shutoff valves for each burner of course. Any help would be Much appreciated. Thanks
  2. So the surfaces where perfectly flat so there was no voids
  3. Thank you sir, and thank you for your service to our country and our troops. As for defying physics I wasn't suggesting that. Simply did everything I could to insure success except fully weld the plate. The slight bow worked in my favor. I milled the surface of the body as well as the plate on a surface grinder.
  4. http://greenbaymfgco.com These guys carry a wide variety of acme threaded rod, as well as matching barrel nuts. Hardy hole inserts in various sizes as well.
  5. First things first stop the crack. Dril a 3/16 hole at the end of the crack. Then follow previous weld suggestions. 6011 root pass the fill with 7018
  6. Thanks Scott, nice lookin anvil. I would very much like to see more on your anvil.
  7. Like I said in the previous post. If you would read the entire thread you would see that I'm not claiming some miraculous new process. Only that I am trying something, if it works it works if it don't I'll cut it off and do it differently. It's completely my perogitive.
  8. Sorry but there is no way it is anything other than dead. As I said previously the laws of physics were not suspended for you. I am not 'trolling' I am keeping a thread accurate for those who don't know better. The rest of the web is already full of misinformation, we don't need it here.
  9. i used A36 for the body of my anvil and it was quite hard on the edges where it was cut with the cnc torch
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