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What do you use to cool off punches/chisels?

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Greetings Frog, its nice to see that you are not all frozen up and alive and well...


I tried beer but ran out before I got the job done... LOL    Water is my choice for most work,  I use mostly H13 material and it works for me..   If I am going through large stock I use a mixture of anti-size compound and coal dust..  Stinks a little but again it works for me..  I don not see the benefit of wax or oil because it just burns up prior to the work being done...  My Michigan 2c..   I wish you well my friend..


Forge on and make beautiful things


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Coal dust for lube!  It's very handy and works well!  Water to cool.  A dip in water then spin in the coal bucket and ready to go!  I use duplicate tools if I am doing very much punching.  I never purposely quench from above critical temps.  unless I am hardening... keep em cool or let them normalize!

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water, I've got a little tomato paste can that sits in a hole in the stump on the far side of the anvil from my working side.


Tip from Dorothy Stiegler a few years ago, wipe the water off the punch!  Funny how I didn't notice the drip of water was cooling my iron in the process of finishing up the hole. Now I wipe the punch off on my leg or apron out of habit.


the little box full of coal dust to lube the same punch is on the tool table.

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