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  1. I have gotten coal from this place before. Very good bituminous coal, it was around $300 a ton as I recall. Thompson Bros Mining CoStreet: 3379 East Garfield RoadNorth Lima, oh 44452-Phone: (330) 549-3979 But why not try L-Brand coke? Look them up online. I get it from a farriers supply in Amarillo TX, as I live just an hour west of there. I am moving to norther MI as soon as I sell my place, maybe a few of us can get together and get a ton ?? There are a few blacksmiths around your area that you might contact. Vince
  2. Hello all, I know there are alot of you well versed in anvil history. I got a picture from a friend who has this anvil of his grandfathers. And my friend is 70+ and is curious. Obviously its a Hay Budden. Can someone tell me any particulars of the history?
  3. Chinobi, that was great, thanks for sharing it. Very straightforward.
  4. This explains it pretty well.
  5. I agree, this will force me to get the coal forge set up. I have been using LP.
  6. Steve, if you feel that knife is not worth keeping, I'd be tickled to have it haning off the chuckbox on my wagon! All of you guys educate me.
  7. Are there any of you close to Nashville - Lynchburg TN areas? I might get over there sometime soon and look around. Or is there a member location page on IFI?
  8. I use a little bit of forging oil that was a gift from a mentor, not sure whats in it, but it works well. Also saw that on here as well, cools and lubricates.
  9. Rich, I hope you can keep posting on here forever. Much appreciated.
  10. I have been to Frank Turley's short class, one of the best things I did for myself. Learn good skills before you learn wrong ways and try to undo them. Beware of the forging bug and pay attn to the contributors of IFI.......... btw, the bug will bite and you will be hooked. Have fun. Vince Smith
  11. I sure enjoy seeing your work stormcrow, thanks.
  12. Rich and Steve, I was one of the new guys that came and went during some of the knife chats. I just want to say that some nights I left because some of the information was way above my skill level and I felt if I wasnt ready to apply it, I should learn more first. I felt bad a couple of times when told to check the blueprint pages. I have to mention as a new person, it was difficult to find what I wanted, and the search does NOT always send me to what I want with repeated refined search request, but I eventually find it. To make a long story short, I am one of the new guys that learned alot, and very much appreciate your time and effort. Thank you very much. I have in the past asked Rich a question or two that was probably very basic to him and he answered me well. I have learned alot from posts and forum replies. At this point I understand the frustration y'all get when someone says they are new to this and want to make a knife! I have made dozens and dozens of objects with your "intentional practice" theory. Am I ready to make a knife, absolutely not, what I will do is continue to practice. I have the luxury of a real good smith in my area that has been real good to help me, and would like to say to anyone new, get to an experienced person or a class. Unlearning bad habits are hard, learn good ones to begin with. Again, thank you to all the contributors. Vince Smith
  13. Im with Steve on that, except its not repairable, go ahead and let it rest till I get it, I will give it a safe home!! :D
  14. I dont think I will ever forget one of the first things Frank Turley said when I attended one of his short classes. "So, you want to be a blacksmith, and wear a size 50 shirt and peer thru a keyhole with both eyes at the same time"! BTW Frank, thanks a million for the time you spent with us. I have benefited from it greatly, and have worn out the notes I took as well. Vince Smith San Jon, NM