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I Forge Iron

Second folder - Simple all forged design.

Matthew Paul

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I got this wild idea to forge a folder. I saw a video about a gentleman who made a similarly designed knife on youtube, but I cant remember his name or find the video. So, If you're that guy - feel free to speak up.

Anyway, the frame, blade, rivet, and thumb button are all forged pieces. I called it what I did because it reminds me of something out of "Wild Wild West" which was based off of the steam punk culture and designs, from what I know. I like that kind of stuff anyway. I used brass for the pivot pin, 1018 for the frame and thumb pin, and 5/8" round stock in 1095 for the blade. There is a small groove fullered into the frame in which the blade sits in, to protect the edge, and your flesh. The frame is offset at what would be the pommel to accommodate the blade opening and closing while still offering some protection from the edge while closed.

The knife and design still need some tweaking to improve the function of the joint. it works but the angles of the flats are a bit off. The next one I'll probably use a steel pivot pin on with maybe a couple brass or bronze washers.

Enough chit chat.... here are some pics.

Thanks for looking,
Matt Paul







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What a wonderfully simple, functional design.  I really like it.


Couldn't have said it any better. I am just starting to make knives so am making fixed blades, because of the simplicity, but I really prefer folders for daily carry. They seemed a bit out of my league currently, but this design gives me hope and insight into how simple they can be. Thanks for sharing.

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That is one cool idea, Matt. I make a lot of blacksmith/celtic style knives. I don't care for working with handle materials. I like doing everything on the anvil, if possible. Making one of these will be my next project. Many thanks for posting this.

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I don't believe there is a top lock of any sorts, it just stops against the top frame. I guess you might be able to add a indent of sorts so it catchs some... May be interesting to figure out a lock for this style, if no one already has...

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yea that's what I was thinking, like a typical swiss army knife type.  I was turning the idea over in my head of leaving a raised stud on the spine of the blade that matches a recess in the frame so you would need to spread the frame open a little to disengage it. 

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