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Rest easy and in peace, Blacksmith, Alan Ball.


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Sad to hear of the passing of Alan Ball recently, Alan's battle with motor neurone's disease (Lou Gehrig's disease) came to an end. Alan legacy for Australian blacksmithing was second to done, always trailblazing in his endevours and ventures in the pursuit of all things metal.

regards Drewy and all the boys in Tamworth

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my first intro to the craft was with alan,i completed 3 of his weekend courses,a great man to learn from.i still have one of his steel rulers,never had a chance to give it back, rip mate.

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A little about Alan. He came to the U.S. in 1998 and took a workshop with me at John Campbell Folk School. We made all sorts of tongs for one week. Alan was always affable and was good with the hammer. In 2005, he contacted me from Logan Village, QLD, Australia, and invited me to present a workshop there. His annual workshops were called "Hot Iron Musters." He and wife, Helen, took care of my every need, treated me royally. They took me to the zoo where I could make friends with the kangaroos. We went to Gold Coast and the high country near the coast.

I was saddened by his passing. FYI, Helen's mailing address is Helen Ball, 33 Stockyard St., Wynnum West, Queensland 4178, Australia.

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