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  1. Gunnedah use to have coking coal with 6% ash content! I burnt it for year prior to using Illawarra coke. Only problem if you live in a residential area it can be a bit smokie for your neighbors. This coal was the hottest stuff I've ever used. Will check out if still available.
  2. Enjoy yourself, are you catching up with any of the WA blacksmiths?
  3. I'm away from Monday the 23rd till Friday 27th after that I will home for a while. Ring me on mobile 0407 005557 or email drewy13@bigpond.com.
  4. Just booked another room at Braidwood B&B, me Ron & Don,. Have a spare bed if anyone is keen contact me on drewy67@gmail.com
  5. Agree with Ian, I can never get it to work either, anyway what's the go with the topic it should be up on page one now???!
  6. Mr Aceman Kurri Kurri at Phils has been and gone, fantastic day great roll up of around 25+(Phil would know numbers). next meeting is at Colin Drays place in Bellingen, followed by Will McGuire at Branxton, then Moonies. The ABA NSW finishes the year in November with a Xmas party in the Port Mcquaire area at Graham Moyses place. For me and Ron living in Tamworth every meeting venue is about a four hour journey, you have to be prepared to travel to get the benefits of the knowledge and companionship of like minded blacksmiths.
  7. Iron Woody the Artist Blacksmiths go NSW have a meeting every month (2nd Sat) somewhere in NSW. Ironfest is in April, Sydney's airport is a comfortable train ride. Watch out for posts next year. Have booked accommodation tonight as there is a wedding in Braidwood that weekend and rooms are been booked fairly quickly . I Have booked Ron& myself into Braidwood country style B&B $100/night for a twin, booked in for Friday & Saturday night their phone number is 4842 2577 or mobile 0417 659635 ask for Mandy. Mr Aceman if your looking for courses on blacksmithing starting with all the basics principles , keep in mind quite a few members of the ABA of NSW run weekend courses. You would have had some tuition from Wayne Saunders at FIJ. Consider doing his weekend course and advancing your skills some more, anyway contact Nigel and he can point you in the right direction. Dale what's happened to "Get Hammered" nothing showing up on main page, get the admin to pull there finger!!!!!!!!
  8. Anyone who is interested in accommodation in Braidwood this year, contact me (Craig Drew) as Ron and myself are going for this option. Getting soft as we age, I don't drink so getting out to Moonies and back into Braidwood isn't an issue for those who want a drink or two. Anyway email me drewy67@gmail.com if interested
  9. Phil & Moonie showing the finished hook. Stainless steel artefact forged by Guido and his crew.
  10. Phil & Moonie showing of the finished hook Stainless steel artefact forged by Guidos crew
  11. Looks like on all accounts "Forging In July" was a huge success for the Australian blacksmithing community. Sydney was a gamble to what we usually do, the venue was first rate, everyone commented on the facility's. on the weekend the demos were vastly different from Fold Forming, knife making, large industrial forging, stainless steel artefact and the Jake James creation was superb. The week long master class went of without any hiccups. Next month the ABA of NSW has its AGM at Forgemasters, so hopefully a healthy discussion on the event will take place. Personally I can't wait for it to happen all over again.
  12. Even when I started in 1984, the writing was on the wall that institutions like the railways had a limited life. By the time I finished in 1988 the wind down was already happening. the only job offer for an apprentice who had finished his time (now trades qualified) was cleaning graffiti off trains. Most guys left and looked for employment else where.
  13. State rail would have paid a consultant $30 000 then had a feasibility study and tried 10 brands of razor blades, now you tell us we could have used liquid paper.
  14. I operated one of these as an apprentice, it had six cutting heads and used a magic eye to follow the profile of a line drawing. all good till you made a mistake, then six stuff ups instead of one. We had a problem with the magic eye following the line when two lines joined each other and they did not blend in perfectly. we use to scratch the excess ink off with a razor blade to make the line flow freely and profile cut the steel without any problems.
  15. Andrew great work on finding those videos, one of the guys in the Davy Press forging was my house mate and fellow apprentice who I haven't seen for over 20yrs. They showed shots of the single frame hammers that required a hammer driver, I tried to learn to drive these hammers, without much success. These guys could crack an egg under the hammers they had amazing control, which actually made your job easier. I don't know anywhere that operates single frame hammers, although I think Phil "Forgemaster" may have one. In reply to Mr Aceman, we have well over 55 participants and I'm sure there will be registrations on the day. Just arrived home from helping clean and prepare space for next week, we had a good roll up of around 10 volunteers on the day. Nigel and Will picking up Jake today Monday from the airport, they will call in to the workshop, show him around then head up to newcastle for the remainder of the week and get him use to the Aussie way of doing things (laid back).
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