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  1. Should you use DOUBLE FLARE on gas fittings?
  2. Naroe could you let me know where you live as I might know a smith in your area to help with the burner. Cheers John.
  3. Frosty you are right in your thinking about the end section. Its a steam pipe connector that is threaded at one end and yes it has been machined further out at the none threaded end. Corin puts these together mainly for use as hand held, a mate has one & they work well in that situation. I have been told that they are also used in forges but I would think that a different end section would be screwed on. Naroe should ring Corin and inquire he will steer him in the correct direction for sure. Cheers John.
  4. Naroe Why don't you give Corin who is the supplier of these burners a phone call, I am sure he will assist you. He can't reply on I.F.I. because he has been banned. Cheers John.
  5. Just think what could happen if you were carrying it inside you car or in the boot (trunk). very bad.
  6. Thanks for the report Mate, I hope my health will allow me to attend next year. Craig Drew was over in U.S.A. on hols for four weeks so he could not attend this year. Cheers John.
  7. Can we please get a report on how the meet went from someone, cheers John
  8. Thanks for the report Andrew, I'll check out the Ironfest site. I haven't been able to get there for a while now, I'll have to try harder for new year. Cheers John.
  9. Glen thanks for the advice about groups, I still try getting our club members to log on, but it is hard because of so many interests in other things. I really wonder how people can do so many things in a week, but then I may be just showing my age. Cheers John.
  10. Phil thanks for your interest mate, Goddard's farm/museum was our old home. Dug Goddard had a stroke and sold up in 1999 so all the groups had to find a new home. ( blacksmiths, wood turners, model trains, vintage machinery and lepidopterist collectors.) So all the Tamworth groups that had money to invest purchased an old water tank factory which was renovated & added to over the past 15 years to become our new home. Groups now consist of Art, Blacksmithing, Bonsai, Embroidery, Felting, Knitting, Lacemaking, Lapidary, Patchwork, Pottery, Quilting, Silver smithing, Spinning, Weaving, Woodturning. Our total membership runs around the 250 mark, which makes upkeep & insurance an affordable cost. Craig Drew is planning on having a forging in July 2015 for the coast group at our shed , his hoping for around 40 blacksmiths to attend. Cheers John.
  11. Phil, PRAB is still going strong under the leadership of Drewy. We just have a lot of members that don't have a computer or don't have the time to spend because of other distractions. cheers John.
  12. P.R.A.B. fees are now due and should be paid by the end of July. Members not paid up will not have members privileges after said date.
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