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  1. iron woodrow

    Brian Brazeal classes?

    Does Brian often abscond to brazil when he is in trouble? No wonder they call him Brian Brazil
  2. iron woodrow

    Brian Brazeal classes?

    Surely you mean Brian Brazil?
  3. iron woodrow

    What are these for

    Known as caulking irons in our neck of the globe (caulking being hammering soft stuff between hard stuff so wet or blowy stuff cannot get in or out)
  4. iron woodrow

    Material for anvil stand

    Spoiling nice anvil! Give it to us small and hornless! You keep nasty london pattern! ...You're hopeless.
  5. iron woodrow

    What are these for

    Second one down is a split pin punch, for removing split pins (cotter pins in usa??) 4th one looks like a lathe dead centre that someone has been using as a punch or drift. And the last one looks to me like a small caulking iron
  6. iron woodrow

    Material for anvil stand

    Not really the point. You can have 15" of 25lb (per ft) rail.... But now we have the photos so it makes more sense.. No way that learner smith will ever distort that web.
  7. iron woodrow

    Material for anvil stand

    What weight rail? What age? How worn? Without knowing, it is impossible to say if it is better or not.
  8. iron woodrow

    Material for anvil stand

    I have noted here that marc has remained quite respectful and calm, while others have not. I agree with the concept that rail on end is not superior to an aso that has already been purchased. I learned on a piece of railway line (horizontal) that had been crudely shaped into an anvil, never did the web noticeably distort, nor as a beginner did it matter if it had. One thing that hasnt been mentioned is the rail poundage. 35lb rail would be completely unsuited to the task. Anything under 100lb would be quite useless as the ball (top) of the rail is too small. I have forged a lot on replica viking anvils and on rail on end as well as on a sledgehammer head and in my opinion the ONLY similarity is a smaller face. The rail was awkward to say the least. The viking anvil far superior to either of the other two.
  9. iron woodrow

    Samuel Yellin at The Cloisers

    Whats he always yellin about?
  10. iron woodrow

    Show me your blacksmith pets

    Looks tasty. How long till he's ready for the pot?
  11. Funny how as soon as you mention chickens as pets, someone talks about eating them. Every time someone mentions dogs, horses or cats, i like to mention eating them just to keep things fair.
  12. iron woodrow

    What are these things??

    They went underground in a big way!
  13. iron woodrow

    What are these things??

    The first time i saw them i had no idea, then i was doing some light reading with my morning coffee, found the cut and took a photo, and completely forgot to mention it the next time i was up, you know how distracted i get up there!
  14. iron woodrow

    What did you do in the shop today?

    No steel toed flip flops over here, mate, We use steel cap thongs.
  15. iron woodrow

    What are these things??

    Here are two from online