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Post your Favorite Blacksmithing Video

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This one had some basic moves, examples of cold layout and marking, over view of tools...    



Then you can follow the owner and you get another video with the same guy.  


I post this not because it's my fave but rather just to show others a different way to search.

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I've always been a fan of these videos:


Don Fox from Saskatchewan



Dave Koenig from Texas


Blacksmithing at Sam Houston


BBC Presents Mastercrafts Blacksmithing


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For some reason, Vimeo crashes my computer every time I try to watch something on it.  Weird.


Found a bit from a Laotian smith.  Probably the single best video I've ever seen in terms of a detailed look at how the hammers are actually hitting the blade being made.  Great up-close shots so you can actually see the deformation from each blow.  Love the master's tong technique (can't believe I never thought of that!)  


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I've been following the "cum se face" program on youtube for the last few days.  It's a wonderful Romanian (?) program that covers a lot of traditional skills.  The best part is that it's in a part of the world where these skills never stopped being used for day-to-day needs.



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Changed my mind. This is now my favourite: 



It can be seen as "blacksmithing explained" since it's almost like slow motion because of the colossal size. Also I think it's an educational show for kids. Anyone still wondering why the germans are famous for industrial quality? Methinks "Die Sendung mit der Maus" has something to do with it.

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The Video was made in the Saarschmiede, 5 days (and nights) forging process with a 12.000 ton press from SMS
The corporate video from SMS is also worth watching, even if you don´t need such a press- right now :)


And yes, "Sendung mit der Maus" was always great to watch

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