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  1. I have two 50gal drums of coal that I need out of my shop while we have an open house for prospecting buyers. The deals is, you can use the coal for as long as you hold on to it for me. Also it would probably help if you have a truck to load it into. I sold mine so I can't deliver it. Pm me if interested. Ill try to check my account periodically.
  2. Andorra for sure, small little place with iron ore, pine(for charcoal), and is seated between Spain and France so there should be plenty of history and clients on either side. Plus it's beautiful. Hopefully I can take my wife and kid there on vacation. :)
  3. I waited for it to come on when he announced it on his YouTube channel....but I guess he meant NEXT year. Lol can't wait though, he makes some good stuff including shirts, one of which I bought recently.
  4. Eternal rest grant into him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.
  5. Welcome to Tucson, hope to see you at the open forge tomorrow. ^_^
  6. Just wondering what you all have been day dreaming about and hope to get someday. I'll start with two simple one's This bigornia and a brian brazeal rounding hammer 3lbs. :D
  7. Just watched it and it wasn't bad, I was hoping the kid was gonna be a blacksmith. Lol, anyways I'm glad someone is trying to make new songs for Christmas instead of just remixing the old ones over and over and over and over.....
  8. Hey yves, I also love forging to the blues....would you happen to know what song is playing at 5:46 of the video?
  9. <script type="text/javascript"> // hmmm....i like that idea. thanks
  10. Thanks for the advice, hopefully I can post some sketches soon and see what you guys think.
  11. I'm planning on building a portable forge that can function as a side blast(for charcoal)or as an undeblast(for coal), and after searching IFI and Google I've not found anything. Anybody build one of these yet or have some blueprints? I was thinking the basic idea resembling the WWII "suitcase" forge with a door on the side and bottom so I can switch depending on my fuel.
  12. I....NEED.....ONE! I wonder if anyone could make some fabrication plans, it would be a fun project. Coolest thing I've seen yet.
  13. wow, talk about efficient. I never would've thought about just hitting it in the fire, forging IN the forge...it just makes sense, and I'll second that anachronist58.
  14. Back when I was a kid and I played video games my favorite was one called Alundra, one of the main characters was the local blacksmith named Jesse. He'd make all your weapons and armor, if you ever get the chance I highly recommend it, it's for PS1.
  15. Wish we could celebrate something here with all the smiths. Maybe someday in the future, just need to find a way to make it worth everyones while. John, how else did you all celebrate over there? Drinks(after forging, of course)?Anvil Firing?Racing? Curious as to how many blacksmithing games we have among us....
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