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  1. I agree 100% with DSW and I'd like to add please don't let this discourage you from continuing blacksmithing!
  2. It weighs 150lbs it seems pretty decent for a whats-it, just gotta get her mounted and start hammering.
  3. So I scored a whats-it at the local antique market and I'd love to know what I got! It's in pretty decent shape, the pictures make the face look a little rough but it's not that bad in person. Payed $250 for it and I think I did pretty good. What do you guys think? Can anyone tell me anything about it?
  4. I've always been a fan of these videos: Don Fox from Saskatchewan Dave Koenig from Texas Blacksmithing at Sam Houston BBC Presents Mastercrafts Blacksmithing
  5. Yes to be honest I did think that if I had the garage door open I would be able to get away with a breakdrum forge not having a vent've definately given me something to think about. I might just fire it up and take a test drive so to speak once I'm able to get set up just to see how bad the smoke is in there with the door open. You might be right though and I'd need to vent it. The lid is to keep the kids in the neighbourhood out of the forge. Everytime I'm out in the garage doing something one of the neighbour's kids always comes around to see what I'm up to and to offer their help. So far it's been very much appreciated as they sure helped clean the garage up and even helped put together an engine stand. So I figured that having a lid would keep them from getting their hands where they shouldn't be.
  6. Well the car isn't there yet. I've got a few pictures here, hope they work okay. I've got the tools I own and a picture of my post vice. I've also got a cross-pien and another set of tongs that aren't pictured. I'll try to grab a picture of my forge next time I get the chance, been kind of busy. I'm still getting started but I think I'm more then well on my way for tools. Any suggestions on what else I might need? I've still got to find an anvil but I might have a line on one so I'll have to see.
  7. Howdy, I'm just getting into blacksmithing and found this place. You guys sure have a great resource here and I'm hoping to learn a lot. I was in the process of setting up my shop however a friend of mine is having marital dificulties and my new smithy (my garage) will now be housing his car...however I'm still hoping to work on my setup and get things rolling. I've got an old Buffalo forge that I inherited when I bought the place and I was cleaning the garage when I started thinking about getting it setup and working. So in my quest for more knowledge I bought The Art of Blacksmithing by Alex W. Bealer. I've worked with steel since I've been out of high school and I've worked as a production welder for many years and am currently working as an Ironworker (high steel). So blacksmithing is right up my alley. I recently bought a book called Back To Basics put out by Reader's Digest in a used bookstore and in it was a chapter on blacksmithing as well as numourous other pieces of useful information. In this chapter it showed how to build a brakedrum forge which really lit the fire in me, so to speak, that it's possible to get things rolling without spending a lot of money. I was a little concerned about the cost of installing a chimney and the like for getting the Buffalo forge setup. I'm still trying to get my smithy setup however it wont be operational until my friend settles his marital issues...I can see how the collecting portion of this hobby can quickly become addicting. I made a few purches today. Think I made out okay. I bought a straight pein hammer, a sledge, a handeled chisel, three sets of tongs, a wire brush, I found a lid which should fit perfectly on a brakedrum, and I picked up a post vice. Already had one set of tongs and a cross pein. I might post up some pics when I get around to taking them. Feel free to ask any questions...I know I sure will be!