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Candleholder Question


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Was thinking of making wall-hanging sconces for the fall craft shows.
One style will hold a 3" pillar candle.
What I'm trying to come up with is the best way to attach a short thin nail to the drip cup, pointy side up that keeps the candle from being bumped off.

I thought about gas welding the nail in place but had wanted to rivet the drip cup on and wasn't sure how that would go together.


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If you are in the USA you could get concrete form nails that have a double head on them. Cut or grind off the top head
and make it your spike and then use the bottom head as the rivet end in the cup and cut the long shaft as needed to make the rivet through the supporting piece.

Here's an example of what I mean---they are calling them "duplex nails"

You will need to make a bucker with a hole in it to set the spike end in so you can rivet the other side tight---drill a hole in some 1" rod and dress it to fit the curve on your candle cup. Have it held in your postvise or make it a hardy tool.

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I hate the spikes on candle holders. A lot of times the candle will spit, or crack when the spike is pushed into it, leaving you wiith a lopsided base. Back home we would light the candle, and drip hot wax onto the holder, then set the candle onto the hot wax sticking it to the holder.

Another way would be to forge out some springy arms , say 3 of them so it is self centering, that would hold the candle in place. They would also be able to hold several diameters if springy enough.

Instead of a flat base, what about more of a cup shape that the candle sets into?

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I'm not positive, ... but I think you're supposed to heat the spike, before you stick the candle onto it.

Don't know about the US, but in the UK, the majority of the larger diameter candles seem to have been manufactured with a washer at the base of the wick which is on the centre line, and any spike, hot or cold, hits this washer and that tends to split the candle's base.

Spikes were also banned under the H & S EU regs as being dangerous.

So some of the options for tall candles are:

A tube, (flared, pierced or other decoration),

Coiled (like a spring, finish with small motif? leaf, taper, wiggle or other)

External peripheral supports, ie three (or more) legs that the candle slots/slides/fits into, of a suitable shape to fit the design, or this could also incorporate a ring around the top of these legs to secure the candle and stiffen the legs

This is a sample of one made of 1/8" material to hold a 3" diameter candle. post-816-0-57236900-1316363775_thumb.jpg
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I've said this already today but. Check out Brian Brazeal's how to posts and see if he has one showing how he makes drip pans and adds the spike. He showed us when he was here in the Mat Su valley and it's an elegantly simple technique that also takes into account not splitting the candles.

If he hasn't already posted a how to we'll just have to pester the stuffins out of him till he does.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Does this seriously mean i can't put spikes on my candle holders?

Any deviation is at your own risk

Just as an aside, most of the candles you purchase these days have a wick with a washer on at the base, if you try and mount these on a pricket (spike) they tend to break and crumble
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Since my last post, I tried the duplex nail into a spike idea but discovered 3/16" flat headed rivets thru Grainger.
The flat head goes on top and it lays flat enough to not interfere with the base of the pillar candle.
Hey Frosty, thanks for the tip and I'll look around for that from Brian.
JohnB, thanks for the visual. I like it.

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