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My friend and mentor for over 15 yrs. now, Mr. Strickland is a remarkable man in many ways. A long family history of metal men from R.R. engineer to professional welder there was no doubt he would continue the lineage. A welder in Korea war, mechanic and chemical plant supervisor to full time smith. Starting his own shop in the early 70 he went on to help form ABANA as well he was president in 85. I worked at Strickland forge for a little over two years before going it alone and had produce several wonderful works by his side. Just wanted to share a small bit of history before overwhelming you with has to be one of the largest collections I have ever seen, hope you enjoy.








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WOW. I am speechless. I will be looking at thoses picture for sometime lots to see. Thanks for sharing them. I remember seeing a segment on him on the TV series Forge and Anvil. The show did not do his shop justice after seeing these photos. What is the size of his shop so I have a better idea how much is in there?

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The inside is about 25' x 25' with a bit more outside working area, believe it or not we used to build stair rails in there, I would cuss the post but would hate to see the building implode also. What you don't realize it is like an iceberg 90% is in tool boxes! He is a avid tool collector to this day and can accurately tell you what almost all the pieces were used for and what time era they came from. I too hope one day this collection can be presented in the manner it deserves to the public. I have a couple of pieces in the collection if you can pick them out, one is "Nuts" and the other is "Just Stuck".

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Danger, How is the floor kept so CLEAN!! I looked under tables and carts...(after looking at a mind boggling amount of tools and stuff!) and I see no crud! I can't do any job without factoring in 2X the time for clean-up. How does he/you do/did that? Steve

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