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  1. Hello All, Last Sommer on a Fleamarket (in France, near the German Border) I saw a old Pickaxe for 1 Euro, so I can't resist and it follows me at Home... Attention : It is important that the Hole in the "Pick" is round. This Pickaxes are made in a very good Material : Length: 500 mm Width: 60 mm Thickness : 6 mm and more (take the bigger One) Material : tempered Carbon Steel (xc 48) Hardness : 40 to 51 HRC (140 kg/mm²) Hole : round, Ø 4,7 cm and more In my Smithy I found an old Iron Cone (no cast Iron), also from a Fleamarket (1 Euro) et slowly I became an Idea... (maybe it's not
  2. It's in french brittany : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paimpont_forest Sorry for my poor english...
  3. Hello all, Just a little french video, take a look on the first images please : - Nice or not ?
  4. Hello, For people who don't stiil know. Please take a look on this video (look it completely)... ;) - http://archive.org/d...ls/SheetMet1942 You can see the use of a lot of tools. :wub: Kind Regards, De St Uby
  5. "In 1841 Friedrich Söding set in common with H.P. Winterhoff under the society of Friedrich Söding and CO the manufacturing of anvils on (from 1863 unites with Co. J.C. Söding and Halbach)".... From here : - http://www.archive.n...=162&expandId=1 Sorry for the german language, but this is the true story of "Söding und Halbach". :) My "Söding und Halbach" anvil is from 1920.It is a very high quality anvil.
  6. Hello all, "Great music" : :D :D
  7. When the hand follows the thought..... It is magnificent!
  8. Hello, Well, I hesitated a long time to put the link towards this site, but finally it is a "forge work"... I would never have the courage to use such a thing. The link : - http://www.musketeer...er/forging.html It is thus just as curiosity about which I speak about it around me. I am anxious to apologize to the moderators if the subject is not in compliance with the site, and asks them to delete this post in that case there. Best regards of France, De Saint Uby.
  9. Thank you for all your answers and for the pics (merci à toi Jamal, j'apprécie beaucoup), it is going to allow me to build this tool more easily. :)
  10. Hello, OK, i never see such a "blacksmith cutter ?", please take a look on this video : - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmoWuME2kWc At the beginning of the video, the tool used to cut the iron (steel).... Of what think of it you? Best regards
  11. OK, I tried other words in the search engine of the site I tell you (www.archive.org) such as "farrier", "forging", wrought iron", and the results are a lot of old books, it's fantastic .... :)
  12. I have found a good website for blacksmithing books : http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=blacksmithing Fabulous....
  13. Tanks all for reading me. @ Francis Trez Cole, i downlaoded the book, it's great ! (merci beaucoup)
  14. Hello all, Just for sharing the little video (I like it, but forget the music ): Old times artwork..... :wub:
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