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  1. The carbide chisels that i own were made (and still are) in Barre Vermont. Troy & Holden is still in business. They sell good quality pneumatic carving hammers and carving chisels. I also have some heavy shanked hand chisels that work very well. The carbide tipped chisels are really only necessary for granite carving. I carve limestone with the steel chisels which hold an edge for a very long time. Cutting and carving stone and sharpening my brick hammers is what got me interested in blacksmithing. It's amazing how tough the thin braze weld is between the carbide and steel.
  2. Ditto that (price and lead time).
  3. I don't believe the little know fact either. The Church had to hire the artisans in the first place. I would hate to see what the Church did to the sculptors. However, I like the idea of the blacksmith club.
  4. I wish I could make a pair of gloves last six days.
  5. Hey Frank, Do You know what kind of tree and how long ago it was made?
  6. Cool lookin cleats too.
  7. Looks like what my wife uses to wash my work clothes.
  8. It is a shame that this show needs to be competitive and full of bling instead of educational. I would rather watch a master of his 0r her craft in a documentary over what I just saw on this show (nothing against the smiths). It is way more entertaining for me to read the informative info that I get from the posts from advanced members as well as the newbies on this forum . However, I suppose that it is good to get the word out about blacksmithing on tv it might trigger some kids to want to work more with their hands.
  9. Ten grand??? Network should cough up a lot more.
  10. Where are you located in the chgo area? North, South, or West???
  11. I think you are wright Black Frog. That is where I bought my dies from. They also gave me an about date on when my machine was made (1920's) by giving them the serial number.
  12. I have a 50lb moloch . When I purchased this hammer it came with an AO smith Century 230v 3.0 hp ( motor works great by the way) 50lb little giant dies should fit. You may have to fit the die shims a little. My clutch may be different than yours. I will try to post some pics.
  13. I made a pointing trowel out of a piece of 3/4" square bar in 2013 just because I did not have much to do one night. The handle, shank, and blade are all in one. I'm trying to figure out how to get pics from my iphone to this site (I know that I'm way behind in the times when it comes to this simple procedure.).
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