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  1. this acanthus style leaf was forged from 1/4" x 2" x 2" angle iron. Flattened and then used fullers under the air hammer for lobes.
  2. Brent Bailey in California will make you a straight pein sledge
  3. I have had the opportunity to host both Mark and Brian at my shop. Mark came for 2 week long classes and Brian did a weekend hammer making class. Both of these men are dedicated to teaching the craft. I have also taken 3 week long classes at the Tannehill shop through the Alabama Forge Council with Ernie Dorrill. Ernie is one passionate craftsman when it comes to teaching the Gothic style of metalwork.
  4. Dave Nice to see practice pieces..... practice practice practice, I always like to bend scrolls to warm up and give my eye something to focus on. You can make a hardy to start scrolls with that will give you a nice tuck at the beginning of the roll. :)
  5. Dave chisel cut the bar to length and forge weld. Then make a drift that is 1/16 th larger than your pin and drive it home. You can also drill out the barrels for a correct fit
  6. Dave You are headed in the right direction and remember what an old gentlemen once told me. "You can't charge the customer when you are learning." Another word of advise " If you want to make more money do the better work and the money will come"
  7. thanks for sharing this Danger..... I admire Mr Srickland very much, and still recall the first time I visited his house/shop back several years ago.
  8. Hello Danger NICE clean forging on the leaves and the heel bars
  9. Frosty I would consider coming but I am not an examiner. I am however a Certified Journeyman Farrier since 1985. I operate a full time farrier and blacksmith shop in GA. Airfare is all that would be required for my expenses considering you can put us up somewhere. I can send more information and photos of heads to help in the decision process. My wife will be coming also. Eddie
  10. Hello Dave Nice job. I hope to see ya'll if you come back to GA for CHRISTmas. Oh yea don't forget to bring some soap too! Eddie:
  11. I have forged stainless and the window for forging will close on you pretty quick. Power hammer forging is the way to go because it will generate heat into the bar. I make things like key ring fobs out of 3/8. Doing fine tapers you will have to grind it because it gets real brittle at the end of any taper. I make crosses from 1" stock and split it. This is almost crazy doing it out of stainless because of the time. I am going to try a bear head out of 11/2" square next. Estimated time is 4 hours compared to 11/2 hrs in mild steel. I have also done a fish that was textured and then tig welded together before expanding with air pressure. It takes as much time to finish the work as it does to forge it. I usually wire brush with a stainless brush and then buff it. Good luck
  12. cool hand Why don't you try and get a group formed and the Ocmulgee Blacksmith Guild will be happy to help you out. We have done this so far with the group in the Savannah area and will be planning on doing a meeting with them at their location. Georgia is a big state and there is a need for satelitte groups that are a part of a larger guild. I am the vice pres this year for the OBG and will be president in 2010. Come to the Madison Conference in May and lets talk about your need and what we can offer. Eddie Rainey
  13. Frosty We actually gave this a try for a client. We used a piece of 5" solid square stock. It was indeed more than we bargained for. After getting the first 3 drifts stuck we had to blow an eye in it and mill the rest. Good luck