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  1. I have tried several different brands. I put on a new blade and it cuts good for several cuts. Then it takes along to cut. What kind of blades do you use. Have you found any last pretty good. I have a 14 inch saw. Thanks Billy
  2. I like the wood looking texture but wasn't sure how to do it. Thanks Again
  3. Have tried a coulpe. Starting with 2 1/2 x 3/8 square. On larger things I usually have alot of texture ( hammer marks! ). On something this small that hasn't been forged very much how is the best way to add texture. Billy
  4. Thats's a Museum! Thanks so much for sharing that with us
  5. Marcus, Thanks for the link. I remember reading some of it but I had forgotten about it. Billy
  6. Thanks for all the replys. Yeah, I don't think would I really what to leave something plugged in my shop. Likes been said, Might be to much Heat. I guess heating up big pieces of metal seems the way and from you fellows the most popular way. I just get in to big of a hurry sometimes. Thanks Billy
  7. Did a search but didn't find much. In cold weather how do or do you keep your anvil warm over night or until the next time you use it. Most times I only have a couple of hours to play. My shop isn't heated so my anvil is quite cold and it takes awhile to get it warmed up by placing big pieces of hot metal on it and uses a little extra coal. Just wondering if there is a good way (cheap) to keep it warm. Billy
  8. Ox8266 and dkunkler, Thanks I beleive those 2 are the same as the one I have. So far I haven't seen the makers mark. It's kinda dirty so if and when I get around to doing some cleaning I might fing them. Thanks again to all you guys help. Billy
  9. I tried to post some pictures but it wouldn't work. I was wrong about the number PD not DP. I did a google search and found a couple that had been for sale but nothing else.
  10. Thanks for the replys. I'll try some pictures, sometimes I have trouble posting them.
  11. I just got a Antique Drill Press. The only markings are DP-20on the drill and DP-20-30 is on the pulley ( flywheel?, it's a hand crank ). Just wondering who might have made this one and abut how old it might be.
  12. Grant and Robb Thanks for the reply. The electric has a speed control and can be turn off with it. Not sure but I don't think I would be using them both at the same time. I don't call this a hobbie, just something to keep me from doing things that I need to get done. I do like to as much as possile though. I have a good wife !! Like you guys are saying some type of flap might work in a Y. Now , If i can just figure how to do it! Thanks for all from all of you Billy
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