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  1. I just picked up a Trenton/ACME looks like A74467, tough to tell right now. Also marked 'z' and 150 for150 lbs
  2. Got some pics from the son, he's selling for dad. It's a "straight razor" marked Soderfors, 198lbs, very rusty and seems to have a downward slant into the hardie end. Not many chipped edges. Nice anvil but too rich for me at his price and driving down there.
  3. OK, my new anvil is a 70lb block of tool steel from the local yard, un-hardened. I have an oak log 51" in length sunk into the ground so 27" or so is above ground. Would you lay the steel on the stump ( or sink it) so it's a 10" x 5" work area or sink half the length into the stump for a 5x5 working area? Thanks in advance!
  4. A reply to my email came from someone else, somewhere else by a few states!
  5. The 'T' may mean taylor, an anvil maker for Trenton. 50lbs.
  6. Liquid lunch is a possibility. How about "Henry, that anvil weighs 187 and it's supposed to weigh 197......make it so"
  7. I thought hardwood burns longer but softwood burns hotter?
  8. Maybe they thought it was 'moussehole'?
  9. Welcome to the area Dan! There are a couple of groups that hold occasional meetings+get togethers as in the links in the previous post. Smithing season is kind of on hold for another month or two due to seasonal weather but I'll tell ya.....the itch is coming on hard!!
  10. Seems to me the numbers are stamped, post-forgeing.
  11. I was hoping so, particularly after I step on matches my old scale.
  12. This anvil has certainly seen better days, has a few rough edges ans a chip at the hardie hole, but it's not beat up too badly and works fine. It's marked "1-3-3" but actually weighs in at about 188 or so. Is it unusual to lose 10-12 pounds over time or was it an error at the factory? Doesnt look like there's that much accountable in the chips.
  13. Very nice, great condition Silver Hill! I had a 410 lb PW that came out of the railway repair shop in Brainerd, Minnesota that was really beat up but still functional. When I sold it (too big for my garage smithy) it took the two of us 1/2 hour to load it into a pickup truck, darn near dropped it a couple times!.
  14. Not that I've seen hundreds of anvils, maybe 20 or so, and most of them have the tip of the horn blunted and it looks on purpose. Is there a reason for that? I can imagine someone who walked into the tip mid-thigh once or twice (OUUUCCCHHHH!!!) would remove the point.