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  1. @Keithh999 Thanks for the Dixie Gun tip. Not only a great deal on flint, but I found a sight for my black powder Hawkins that I needed!
  2. WOW!! I hope you stick around and share !! Where in L.A. are you?
  3. Working with metal 35+ years ; Forging , 5 yrs . I would probably dedicate more time to forging if i didn't spend time Scouting. I've built a 2 burner gasser and a Forklift tine anvil. 50 Fredrick Crosses, a dozen spike knives, yard ornaments, and a short ton of scrap! Like most people, I have more opinion than knowledge, more humor than the internet can convey! Forge On ,Steve
  4. Hey Kyle, Down at Old Washington State Park they have some smithing classes. Check the calender of events to see when. I'm up in Conway, probably on the same side of the learning curve as you. There is an amazing amount of talented and giving people here. The search engine can become your new best friend. If you can think it, it probably has 30 post thread. Good luck! Steve
  5. Hey, my shop is in Conway! We need to visit. Contact me. Steve
  6. Finished my version earlier this week. Weighs 100/110 lbs. It has good rebound. Its main purpose is for Boy Scouts to pound on. I made the hardy from left overs. Paraphrasing someone smarter than I , " If it breaks, it is still just scrap."
  7. THAT is what I want Santa to bring!!! A gift that keeps on giving!. I wonder if I could send it to my ex-brother-in-law?
  8. Biggest Coke can I've ever seen!
  9. Danger, How is the floor kept so CLEAN!! I looked under tables and carts...(after looking at a mind boggling amount of tools and stuff!) and I see no crud! I can't do any job without factoring in 2X the time for clean-up. How does he/you do/did that? Steve
  10. Hey Tipshort, I'm from P.gould. glad to have another home town pounder on the forum! Fill out the memeber info a bit more so everybody can tailor their help for you. Looking foward to more conversation!.... Steve
  11. stribett1

    door handles

    Great proportions! Can you post a side view, please. I'm curious how the standoff/collar transistion is handled. I like the veining in the twists, very smooth! Steve Tribett
  12. Hey Tom, I work in Conway and play at Gus Blass! We may be getting enough metal manglers in central Arkansas to generate an opinion on something! This is great place! These guys can get you so inspired, you might up and hurt yourself.
  13. Isn't that the the Curmudgeon's famous Bunion Stretcher.
  14. Senor Curmudgeon, Which rural town in Arkansas?
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