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How hard to make one of these

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Looks pretty cool - not too difficult either.

I would start off with the partial diamon/pineapple twist: take a slitting chisel and incise a line on all four sides from the head of the spike to about 2/3 the way to the tip. Then heat again and twist as tight as looks right.

What that opener side looks like to me is cutting off the tip then a punched and drifted hole (perhaps 1/2") near the tip then cut the excess portion of the hole with a hacksaw to make the opening.

At $19 each those look like a good money maker.

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I've seen a few of these made. Eric is right about the grip end, the opener end was made by slitting the tip, and the flatten the two sides out to 180 degrees from the original position much like the start of making a fork. then curve each of them around the horn of an anvil of a rod to get the opener end shaped.

This is how I've seen them done but, like I've heard several people say: ask 2 blacksmiths how to do something and you get atleast 4 answers, how each of them would do it, and then how each of them has heard of it being done. lol.


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I agree Grant, good marketing videos. I'm thinking we should contact them and see if they'll join IFI and NWBA.

It's a pretty straight forward smithing job, lots of options for decoration and a number of methods to get a good functional opener. Just breaking the corners in the twist section would turn it into a cable twist and the ladies would like the feel better.

Yeah Sam, no need for you to go out of your way Pratting. :P

Frosty the Lucky.

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I thought that one was made by squaring off the end, splitting it with a chisel and spreading the two sides apart. Like making a flesh fork. If you look closely you can see the groove where it was split. But I suppose you could slit and drift it into a round hole and that might also leave a groove.

The video is great. Sure it's silly but like Grant says, it's great marketing. You can stand on your dignity or a pile of cash :)

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That looks like a great project. The video was good too.

If you want something to be idiot proof, let an idiot make it. (I'll let you know how I do).

Looks like something to try and make. I reckon I can use a store bought opener as a reference to get the distance and angle for the claw.
The smith that made those is in no harm of me taking over his market.

Thanks for posting it Tim.


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I was inspired because I'm doing my first show this weekend and here is what I came up with. I made a cut with the porta-band opened it up on the anvil then formed it around my bending fork then bent them until I liked the look. After a short trip to the belt sander they look and work good.post-6113-0-81688900-1288840499_thumb.jp

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You guys have got me wondering what bottles still use these openers, in oz there all twist tops that I know of.

Hi John, I hope you enjoyed your visit to Moony's.
There are some that are lift off still - mostly imported - but I've seen some of the local micro breweries still use lift off caps as well.

Twist caps are convenient for sure, but they're destroying one of mankind's favourite gadgets in the process! ;)
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Openers are a good sale. People will buy to give as gifts also,
The working end is actually easier to make than it looks,
Trial and error .
I persanally test each one, Tough job.

I also have a package deal on a opener and bottle tree.

Buy a b tree and opener and have a party.!


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