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  1. Thinking about purchasing a plasma arc cutter with a built in air compressor . I have been told they are problematic . I would use for cutting 10 ga. Mild steel and lighter gauge copper or aluminum . Thank You Marc your account(s) here have been closed due to your having 3 accounts, and your spamming the forum with multiple postings of this question.
  2. I am concidering purchasing a plasma cutter with a built in air compresser . 10 ga. Steel or light copper and aluminum sheet metal Thanks Marc
  3. My first 5 year I did not wear gloves. I started wearing gloves before purchasing a gas forge. I wear or try to remember to wear them all the time now. They have no effect on my hammer work . No loose clothing, always wear eye protection. One of my draws at demos, watch me catch fire. Marc
  4. I use more of a drop then a swing, guide the hammer with a relaxed( as I can) grip. Use your knees. Marc
  5. It's well worth the read. The one and only negative comment I have seen is ,it's not for a beginning smith. I agree it's not. I've found it helpful and interesting. Marc
  6. I was given 3/4 the height of the intended . I pre make a set of 30 inch for shows. Which are then used as reference as they're too short or too long.
  7. Making bowls and platters , what finish would be compatible with serving food. Thank you Marc
  8. I get more work per heat as I become more efficient . The first hundred are the rough ones.then I realize I've been doing it wrong.
  9. Looks very nice. I've had trouble with horn and ear control. The first hundred are the rough ones of anything.
  10. I've set gear rings using that method . Bolts on N Reactors are said to set that way. Never saw it done but a friend did and was really impressed.
  11. Every now and then you have to step back and look at what you're doing. I was in High School painting a fence for the farmer I worked for. It's been applicable ever since.
  12. Here are my BunnyRoo and wizard openers, the blue on the ducks. Clean well and I use a propane torch to bring out the color. Not hard.
  13. What ever comes in clear. 60s or classic rock n roll.
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