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  1. BlackSmith Post Leg Vise - $140 BlackSmith Post Let Vise 43 long as is condition - no repairs I can find Missing spring and mounting bracket(can buy on ebay) If I had these parts price would be $350 Your a blacksmith - Make these parts otherwise works OK
  2. Only 28deg or so when we took the pics...
  3. Test run of a kitchen knife from a spike. Didn't like the look of the grip, pulled it off and back to the design board.
  4. I'll second that in regards to 'professionals'.. I don't want to think about how many times 'they' had to come out and how long it took them to get the gas line properly connected to a 'mobile home' we had put on the property.
  5. Im gonna presume you were trying to use briquettes and not lump charcoal... Localy can find the Cowboy brand lump charcoal at the loews home improvement stores. Target occasionaly carries some, but I cant recall the name.
  6. Welcome to the site, what part of Houston are you from?
  7. Ditto, my lil 100# has a tendency to skoot a tad when hammering if it isn't anchor'd down... I figure it also works to help slow things down a bit if someone comes by and decides to try to take it for a walk.
  8. was googling garden forks, and stumbled across this 'modern' take that might be adaptable to a smithing approach and a bit easier.
  9. We're using it for general other uses now after/with playing with it a bit. Ie: Heating branding irons, burn out wasp nests and other misc. :-) Took off the 1" -> 1x1/4" bought 2 1"x3/4" & 1"x1/2" reducers and 2" nipples (3/4" & 1/2") Tie and $ permitting I'll play with it more, those things have just been...lacking a tad as of late.
  10. dang here I have one of those things hanging on a porch post. I'm richer than I thought,...
  11. Ulric

    Mokume Gane

    Got another piece to do the same... muriatic acid, 'dirty' or 'contaminated' by a rusty, galvanized coupling. Depth or thickness of the copper layer seems to play a part in how pronounced the effect. Going to toss a small piece of copper in the dirty mix and see what happens.
  12. Ulric

    Mokume Gane

    I'll have to check what type for sure, got a small amount from a friend to see. It's neither pits or bubbles, but rather a crystalized look/appearance.
  13. Ulric

    Mokume Gane

    Was messing around and with some quarters... and stumbled on an odd effect on the copper. Cant find the cable for my camera, so had to use the one in my phone. The first image is after setting in lemon juice for an hour or so... ..the second, is the same bar after taking a short bath in muriatic acid.
  14. Dial-up vs broadband, kinda like trying to pick up a 2'x2'x'2 solid cube of lead vs the same size cube of aluminum.
  15. I'm afraid I'd be tempted to point out to the 'master craftsman' that his customer probably could have gone to the home despot and bought their shelves & brackets etc cheaper than he was charging for the 'work' he was doing.... and as a smith, your not telling or suggesting to him what he should charge his customers.
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